It may be soon

13 years 2 weeks ago #15969 by tahoemom
It may be soon was created by tahoemom
Got a call that the tentative date is May 6th, assuming all the insurance people can agree on who gets paid what. >:( That was the earliest date they could get for the local operating room for out of state doctors. Also he only gets to these rural areas 2 times a month . I'm just happy that maybe , finally, it will be over and I will know the facts this time.

And this time , I am to stop my blood thinner 10 days before , not 3 like the other jerk said ,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! Still so mad at what he put me through.

I know the procedure now, but kinda shaky about the outcome since last cystoscopy was a butcher job. This is a urologist though, not a baby doctor try to BE a urologist! ::)

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