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NEWLY INDUCTED (unceremoniously): Change of Perspective

12 years 7 months ago #13889 by Barbnks
Craig I am glad you found this site and I hope it offers you some good info. I started my cancer journey with Kidney cancer that found it's way to my bladder. This group has alot of great advice so come often. It isn't a "club" any of us wanted to belong to but here we are. Take care.


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12 years 7 months ago #13873 by Patricia
Craig...what a valuable addition you are. I hope that its a rather uneventful journey for you and you'll take us along with you.

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12 years 7 months ago #13865 by cstockton
After a revelation yesterday, I felt it necessary to change the title of my post and add a reply.

When I first received news of the cancer in my bladder, heard the procedure by which it would be removed, and saw the comfortable way my doctor was approaching the issue, I viewed this as a temporary state -- like an brief interruption. I approached this web site as if it would be a good source of information as I face these temporary things, after which I would get on with my life.

After reading many posts to the forums, learning more about the regimen of treatments I will undergo, and contemplating my life at this point, I had a repentance of perspective.

Like the rest of you, I was involuntarily inducted into the group of "those who have had bladder cancer". There are NO regrets, and I am proud to be so closely associated (dare I say "related") with all of you, but it was an involutary induction. Rather than considering myself as an outsider taking a peek into your lives for assistance, I now realize that I am you. What a revelation!! NOBODY in their right mind would chose this association, and yet I believe I can say with confidence that nobody regrets the association (at least that is my current view).

I have only been dealing with these life changes for a short time (my head is still spinning), and I understand that I am now on a life-long trek. I am grateful that all of you have made yourselves available to me, providing me with the knowledge and emotional support I will need as I face this life-altering change. I hope to do the same for you, and for future inductees.


Craig Stockton

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12 years 7 months ago #13819 by PostRational
Hi Craig,

GOOD attitude! I think thats very important.

My own story is similar to yours. Last April 1st I was diagnosed with
2 small but aggressive tumors which hadn't begun to penetrate the bladder lining.
My surgery was excellent but I had complications later when the catheter was removed too soon
and my bladder started leaking. ( 2 more weeks wearing the "bag")
I had 9 BCG treatments last summer and just got back from my first checkup since.
It was 100% clear!!!!
I'll go back for 3 more BCG treatments in April and then regular checkups after that.
In my mind, I've beaten BC. My body seems to agree. Believe you'll beat it
and you've won more than half the battle.

This site is invaluable for information and support. I've mostly been a "lurker",
reading much more than I post.
I hope to hear good news back from you as treatment progresses.


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12 years 7 months ago #13814 by RAH
I am glad you found this website. It has been so valuable to me over the past 10 months.
I live north of you in Marysville, WA. I lived for eight years on South Hill in Puyallup while I was in the Air Force.

Since my diagnosis was completely different then yours, I just wanted to say good luck to a person in my neck of the woods.

Good luck to you in your treatment

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12 years 7 months ago #13803 by cstockton
I am new to this site and forum. Figure I will leave a "who I am and why I am here" message.

I am a father of five (3 girls, 2 boys), with the best wife in the world. Having always been reasonably healthy (though somewhat out-of-shape), the recent events have set me on a new course. Based on these events, I highly recommend that anyone (especially men) who observes even a small amount of blood in there urine press their Dr. for a CT and/or cystoscopy.

Last May, immediately following a motorcycle trip with my wife, there was significant blood in my urine. Having had blood in my urine in the past (usually during use of antibiotics), I didn't panic. After a couple days, I got the advice of an RN, who directed me immediately to my GP. After visiting my GP's partner (she was booked), and having a blood and urine analysis, it was determined that there was some blood that had been in my urine, but everything seemed OK, so he sent me on my way.

During the holidays, I had another episode, with the blood brighter red than previously. This time, the GP sent me in for a CT scan and cystocopy. A 2cm tumor (Ta papillary urothelial carcinoma) was discovered and removed, without any indication of further invasion beyond the bladder lining. I have since learned that this is the very best possible outcome (other than having a benign tumor).

The treatment, of course, is periodic 6-week BCG treatments, and regular cystoscopies. My faith is strong, but since this is all so new, I will be scanning everything on this site, and probably asking questions from you vetrans.

Craig Stockton

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