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Really need advice....

12 years 7 months ago #13706 by Debbie
Pat, thank you so much. I did (gently) insist my husband call the urologist's answering service and get a doctor's opinion tonight (it's Saturday night, late). My husband wasn't crazy about the idea of a second Saturday night in the ER (last week it was with a clogged catheter) and sure enough....the doctor agrees that it is likely an infection and prescribed an antibiotic and something to help the burning, which is occuring longer after the surgery than normal.

Glad you reminded me of the importance of low temperature as well as high. His was 96.6 tonight and easy to dismiss if not aware of this fact.

Thank goodness for 24-hour pharmacies. Monday we will follow up. I can't seem to get it through to my husband that we're not dealing with a head cold. I don't know if he's in denial about all of this or what....

I'm no expert but the body tells us when something isn't right. And the "new" pain in his bladder yesterday after shivers last night means something else is happening.

So thank you again for the advice, Pat. It's a lonely feeling facing something like this. This is a great forum for support and outreach.


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12 years 7 months ago #13705 by Patricia
Shaking is not a good sign.....and a lower body temperature can signify an infection as well as a high body temperature. I would definately call the urologist. If he's not on antibiotics he probably should be. If the shaking continues i would go to the E.R.
My husband presented exactly this way after a catherization following lithotripsy...the nurse had scraped the urethra and infection entered the blood stream. I'm not saying this is what it is but your husband needs to be checked out....... Pat

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12 years 7 months ago #13702 by Debbie
My husband had his TURB on February 7....pathology: non-invasive, high-grade transitional cell carcinoma (BCG starting in a few weeks). He had real problems with the catheter after surgery...could not urinate after getting it removed the first time and then when he had it reinserted, he could not urinate due to blood clots. It's out now (since this past Monday....5 days ago), but he is having burning pain when he urinates, a few small clots and tonight--a mild but pronounced pain in his bladder area. I took his temperature, which is normal. In the 2-3 days after surgery, he was getting shaky and we thought it was from recovery, body stress, etc. He is getting those same shakes again with a cold feeling from time to time.

Would it be normal to expect burning pain this long after catheter removal? He had it inserted, then removed, then inserted, then removed, then inserted again...finally removed...all due to urinary problems and clots.

My question is whether all these symptoms are normal within the context of post-surgery catheter problems or if we should be calling the urologist's answering service or going to the ER. My husband is not one to mention pain so for him to complain 10 days after surgery is unusual to me.

May I have your opinion? Anyone have similar experiences?

Thanks so much.


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