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Really need advice....

12 years 10 months ago #14042 by Debbie
Hi Zhanna:

Welcome to the board. I'm not real sure what your question is, as my husband's catheter problems have nothing to do with his prostate. Prostate surgery for catheter problems? Hhhmmm...not sure what that means. My husband could not urinate after the catheter was removed for the first time (swelling) and so they inserted another one later in the day. Then, there was a blood clot in the catheter that prevented urination again (this happened twice). He's not wearing one now but he did catch an infection--which he has since received antibiotics for. Still quite a bit of discomfort from the surgery when urinating, but easing ever-so-slightly over time.

Can you give us more details about your father? It's definitely difficult to deal with as a family member so please be sure to post questions. This is an amazing source of information. One thing I learned is that every story is unique and few have identical experiences!

But quite honestly, I have no idea how the doctor is relating problems with the catheter to prostate surgery. Seems to warrant many, many questions and second/third opinions.


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12 years 10 months ago #14028 by Patricia
Zhanna..what is the problem with your father? Has he been diagnosed with bladder cancer....Has he had a TURB.....whats the explanation for going in to do prostate surgery? This sounds confusing..........Pat

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12 years 10 months ago #14018 by zhanna
Hi Debbie. I have a Q for you. My father had the same problem with catheter. He is scheduled to take it off on Wednsday. Doctor said if he will have problem go, he wants to do prostate surgery. He hade just TUR two weeks ago, and anothe surgery right away? Any sugestions? Is you husband ok after the 3rd removal. Please let me know. Tx

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12 years 10 months ago #13896 by mssmr
:-[ Oops, I guess I missed your later posting about what's happened since the diagnosis. My support for asking all your questions still stands -- but wasn't exactly timely for you, eh? sheepishly -- Susan

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12 years 10 months ago #13785 by joeburg55
Hi, I am 52 years old, After my turb, i realy had burning for at least 3 weeks after the tube was removed. It will slowly receed as time goes on. The fever is not good, so call the Dr. wich im sure you have. It will take time but most should pass once the healing starts. Is your husband going the RC route?

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12 years 11 months ago #13726 by Joey
Debbie, Hi, I had my TUR in early December and was placed on bladder anti spasm and antibiotics for 30 days after the surgery. I did have bladder and some kidney pain for some time, however I had a stent in for 2 weeks. The pain was tolerable without meds, unconfortable. My tumor was 4cm but low grade, non invasive. It took a while for me to feel as close to normal. Because of the size I have had 3 BCG treatments so far with no side effects. The next three will be the true test of side effects.


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