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Husband had TURB yesterday...

12 years 7 months ago #13498 by Debbie
Thank you all for your responses. It really helps to share and you are all so knowledgeable, each with a unique story/approach to this nasty disease. After writing the first time, we went back to the ER at 1:30am yet again with a clot blocking the cath tube. Given how uncomfortable those things are, hubby said he'll take the cath rather than go through the pain of not urinating. Anyway, his pathology report came back today:

Final Pathology Diagnosis: Urinary bladder tumor, TUR: Transitional cell carcinoma; focally high-grade, no demonstrated invasion.

I don't know to feel about this. The "focally high-grade" throws me...he starts BCG treatments in March. Anything pop out at you about this diagnosis? The microscopic description evaluating a small amount of fibromuscular tissue said, "In this sample, there is no demonstrated invation into the fibromuscular tissue". Tumor size is 1.6 cc. "Totally blocked in one cassette A1"...whatever that means.

I did not go to the appointment because--like everyone--money is tight and there was a client call to make--he was just running in to get the catheter removed. Did not know the pathology would be back so soon or I would've went.

We appreciate your comments. Going through this, a good mix of prayers and faith along with common sense and hard facts seem to do the trick.

Warmly, Debbie

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12 years 7 months ago #13486 by Joey
Hi, I had my catherter in for almost 2 days. Because I also had a stent placed in, I stayed for 2 nights at the hospital. Once released I have had the similar problems that a lot of people had experienced, frequency, spasms etc. I am two months since my TURB and still have some very minor side effects, mainly frequency but it is much better now.


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12 years 7 months ago #13443 by wsilberstein

we returned to the doctor's office at 10:30 this morning to get the catheter removed. By 3:00pm, he could not urinated and bladder was in pain so we went back to get the catheter put back in... Is it possible to not urinate properly even with a catheter?

Dear Debbie,
I took out my catheter the morning after my TURB as instructed. Felt reasonably OK all day, although I'm sure the Detrol helped with the bladder spasms. By evening my stream was becoming weak. By the middle of the night I couldn't urinate, so I drove to the ER and was sent home catheterized. Once again, as instructed, I removed my catheter the next morning, and by the next night was again obstructed, so back to the ER. This time the catheter stayed a few days until I saw my urologist (and found out my diagnosis).
He gave me a few catheters and instructed me in self catheterization. The following week, a large clot came partially off the bladder wall and obstructed my flow. I tried the catheter, but the clot obstructed the catheter. Fortunately, on removal of the catheter I experienced a gush of urine that provided much relief, although I was up all night until the clot finally broke free and passed. So yes, even catheters don't guarantee free flow of urine.

TaG3 + CIS 12/2000. TURB + Mitomycin C (No BCG)
Urethral stricture, urethroplasty 10/2009
CIS 11/2010 treated with BCG. CIS 5/2012 treated with BCG/interferon
T1G3 1/2013. Radical Cystectomy 3/5/2013, No invasive cancer. CIS in right ureter.
Incontinent. AUS implant 2/2014. AUS explant...

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12 years 7 months ago #13442 by Patricia
Debbie is he running a temperature or is his temp below normal? Is he on an antibiotic as well as pain killer? Shaking not a good sign...
I'm continually confused as to why there is no particular norm for leaving a catheter in after a TURB.......The guys seem to have a tougher time with it. Mine was in l5 minutes after i woke up and then taken out at a major cancer center. I'd love to be enlightened. Pat

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12 years 7 months ago #13438 by Zachary
I had my turb eighteen months ago. I was a healthy guy of 49.

And I stayed in bed almost three days afterwards.

Plus, because of some extraneous tissue floating around my bladder from removing some tumors, my catheter was blocked several times and I thought I'd have to go to the emergency room.

Fortunately the dam burst and there was sweet relief. By day four or five I felt almost normal. I still don't know if 1) I was a big baby 2) I responded poorly to all the work the urologist did, or 3) the anesthesia knocked me for an extended loop.

I think it was a combination of all three. After my last surgery at USC/Norris in March of 2007, it took a long time for me to come out of the anesthesia, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the recovery room.

But this I know--the pain and inconvenience will soon pass; in fact, I'll bet it's much better even now.

At least I hope so.


"Standing on my Head"---my chemo journal
T3a Grade 4 N+M0
RC at USC/Norris June 23, 2006 by Dr. John Stein

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12 years 7 months ago #13435 by fearandfight
When I had my Turbt the hospital I was at they kept you in overnight, Then they took out the catheter in the morning and if you voided over 200cc's you were good to go home. Sure I had some discomfort voiding and some blood but that just lasted about a week. I guess I was lucky here had no problem after catheter was removed and was able to put out 200 cc's which is really not all that much. Cheers, Joe ;)

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