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My Sister

12 years 8 months ago #12964 by Cynthia
Of course you love your sister and yes take a deep breath. If it is cancer we are here for you. And please remember that most bladder cancer is non invasive and the vast majority of us will have to find something else to die of. I am not making light of this at all it is a serious situation with possible serious outcomes. But remember you don't know what you are dealing with yet as terrifying as the possibilities are. I was dxed at 47 with invasive blc and am living a wonderful life. The time since my dx has been hands down the most productive of my life professionally and personally.
Be good to yourselves and keep yourself and your sister busy in this stressful time until you know what you are dealing with. A manicure, massage, trip to the mall or a good meal may help with the stress.

Chin up and straight forward


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12 years 8 months ago #12960 by shragae

I really, really, REALLY appreciate your post.

I know I'm in panic mode.

I truly love my sister. After childhood sibling rivalry we've become such good friends.

Waiting is hard. Really hard. Big breath taken. Valium if needed.

Did I mention that I love my sister??

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12 years 8 months ago #12958 by Patricia
Dont jump the gun...wait for the biopsy. Hopefully you have a very experienced uro/surgeon to do this and a great pathology department. If its superficial they would not take the bladder out.......the recommendation for bladder removal is only if it is invasive. Take a breath and wait for pathology. Pat

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12 years 8 months ago #12956 by shragae
My sister is 55 years old, overweight (hey, so am I) but has never been a smoker and a light drinker. No drugs.

Last week she went for her annual Gynecologist visit and the OB/Gyn felt a lump on her bladder. She (the doctor) sent my sister for an MRI which showed a growth 3 cm by 5 cm by something.

She went to the urologist today. She definitely has a tumor and it is a rare tumor. (Don’t know the name of it). It is on the bottom of the bladder and is 1/3rd to 1/2th the size of the bladder itself. It is growing INSIDE the bladder (not outside of it).

The doctor said it is smooth and symmetrical -- like a "ball" sitting inside her bladder. He said it is very rare, but given the shape it may not be cancer. She doesn’t feel pain when he was pushing on her. The urologist said it is mucousy though large… No fingers as in typical cancerous tumors. No blood in urine and no pain.

Possible scenarios:

1. Removal w/ biopsy – benign. Check periodically for recurrence.
2. Removal w/ biopsy – cancer – but not in lining. 6 weekly catheter injections of meds into bladder usually cures problem.
3. Removal w/ biopsy – cancer – also in lining. Bladder must be removed.

Monday she has to go in for a cystoscopy so he can view the tumor from inside. Then he will determine what type of surgery she needs to have. The tumor has to be removed. They’ll biopsy the tumor and scrape the bladder walls (it doesn’t look invasive) and run a biopsy to see if it is cancer. If it is cancer she’ll have to have the bladder removed and undergo some kind of chemo which they inject through the urethra.

I'm not looking for a diagnosis here -- but I've read that 90% of bladder tumors are cancerous. I love my sister very much and would really appreciate your thoughts, information and prayers. Thanks.

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