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Dad's smoking

14 years 1 month ago #1266 by wendy

The effects of both tobacco and marijuana -as well as other chemicals that may cause bladder cancer-take many years to do their damage. People who quit smoking 20 yrs earlier can get bladder cancer. People who never smoked in their life also get it.

I'm sorry to hear that your father's cancer is aggressive, it's a good reason to get surgery. The new tumor could well have been a result of the first operation though, this can happen when tumor cells are dislodged during the TUR.

It's not good to continue to smoke once a person has been deemed a 'cancer friendly environment'. But stress is just as bad. If smoking marijuana is the way your father copes, then perhaps he needs it more than ever at this point. I don't think it will cause the cancer to be any more aggressive than it would be if he didn't smoke, or if he stops now.

Maybe he will stop when the surgery is over and he has a chance to begin adapting to a new life, without cancer.

I don't think he needs to confess to his doctors because I seriously doubt it would make any difference in the way things go.

All the best to you and your father.

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14 years 1 month ago #1265 by Angel
My Dad was diagnosed 10 weeks ago. He has just had his 2nd transurethral resection to remove the remaining 40% of the tumor. They found a new tumor during the 2nd procedure, indicating a faster growing cancer than they suspected. The doctors are advising radical cystectomy - removal of bladder, prostate, and uretha. I am very troubled because he has not been honest with them about his history and current use of marijuana. I am afraid that by with holding this information, the doctors may not be able to advise or make the best treatment plan. Also, if they have this knowledge they could possible help him with the support and tools needed to stop. He stopped smoking cigarettes 15 years ago and then stopped smoking tobaco in a pipe 7 years ago, but has never been able to kick the marijuana. I know the stress of all this may seem too much for him to quit.
Could the chemicals of the pot be causing the cancer to be more aggressive?
Is the fight useless as long as he is smoking?
Is there help out there for this?
I am praying. A lot.

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