Grade 3 diagnose while waiting open heart surgery.

15 years 1 month ago #1244 by Paul51
During all the many pre-operative tests for my open hearth surgery, the doctors determened a Bladder Cancer Grade 3. It was removed two weeks ago and I have to be re-examened in two weeks.
The status now is MO-T1 when I understood the urologist well.
Me and my wife were already very concerned about the open heart surgery. This should take place in the month of september. My Aorta ascendis is enlarged to a critical stade. Most probably also the valves has to be renewed. Besides all emotions and uncertainties there is the extra worry of conflicting
situations in the near future. To be more precise: If I will be operated on my Aorta, I presume that for some time a operation for my Bladdercancer will not be possible.
Yesterday when we heart the bad news for the first time, I adressed this issue with my urologist and she stated: The Aorta correction must get more priority.
If she is right, this scares me more. Reading through this Webcafe and other literature I understand that, where it concerns the cancer,  a delay in a surgery for months is a very bad option too.

The worry and fear about this combined-problem is inmense.
I have an appointment with my cardiologist next thursday.
Maybe there is someone in this group who can share his or her experience with the above dilemma.
I ( dutchman ) hope I expressed myself in a understandable way.
The matters are complety new for me and my wife. What I see in this group that this will change
during the process. We have to get started.    

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