diagnosed 3/21 scared

15 years 2 months ago #1162 by kpindy
diagnosed 3/21 scared was created by kpindy
started in Nov 05. Went to the bathroom and saw blood. After going to my primary 4-5 times od UTI's I was sent to a uro. After a cat scan and he look into my bladder..3/21 I was diagnosed. What a shock.
5/4 went in for surgery to remove the tumor. It was deeper then he thought. Grade 1 & 2. I started my BCG two weeks after surgery.
Had my first check 7/25 so far so good.
He..the Dr. himself called me 8/15. Had my urine test. It was showing abnormal he thinks it's inflammation from the BCG.
Said we can do one of two things....
Do a biopsy of my bladder or wait till my Oct check. He want to wait till Oct. That is okay with me but than it's not.
When I first found out I was glued to my p.c. Not I'm back being glued to my p.c.

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