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B/C- smoking withdrawal

14 years 5 months ago #1064 by Rosie
Ed, sorry to hear you are having to go through a cystectomy. My thoughts and prayers are with you. It certainly has to be a nerve wracking time to have to deal with a major surgical procedure and quit smoking. At first, I had a pretend cigarette that offered me deep inhalation, gave me the correct breathing and a "kick" to the back of my throat. Some of you smokers and ex-smokers remember that need. E-Z QUIT is a smokeless cigarette substitute which contains no nicotine but fills your need to do something with your hands and mouth, and to inhale deeply. Other nicotine type aids like the patch the gum or the lozenges helped those who are addicted to nicotine but does not teach the proper relaxation breath to keep quit once the nicotine leaves the body. Here is the website for E-Z quit which is also part of quitsmoking.com . www.quitsmoking.com/ezquit/index.htm

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14 years 5 months ago #1061 by ed_b
Thanks for that info. I went to on oncologist yesterday who confirmed that I needed a cystectomy, and was worried how withdrawl would be while I was in the hospital. Your advice will help. Thanks.

Fyi, there is a website , google it at NCCN. Click on the apropriate type of cancer, type , grade, location, etc. It tells you the appropriate treatment. This is a site used by the top 26 cancer hospitals in the USA, and they meet monthly to update the most current treatments depending on the type/severity of your condition. I was pleased (?) to see that the treatment recommended was the same as what my oncologist and urologist recommended. The site was shown to me by an oncologist, and it it a "tree", which you may find easy or difficult to navigate, but is an excellent second opinion if you have your pathology reports.

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14 years 5 months ago #1058 by rentanag

I will remember your direction and share it with any friend when they are dealing with the withdrawl symptoms of smoking.  I quit 19 January 1993, at that time I used the patch and it helped considerably, and the patches were part of a package that had amongst it's contents a form to write the day you intended to stop smoking and that's when I quit.  I just recently came across that form in some papers I was going through, it was something I did not throw out.  I had quit smoking once before for four years (1984-1988), and yet somehow I found myself smoking again.  Thank goodness I finally tried the patch, actually it wasn't even because I wanted to for myself it was because my son was diagnosed with Asthma.  I did it for him, but in the long run it was for myself as well.
I really do like your information about deep breathing helping to releive the stress during smoking withdrawal, and even though I knew about it for stress relief I didn't think of it with regard to this type situation.  Great information, and that's what we're doing here sharing "Great Information" with each other.


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14 years 5 months ago #1054 by Rosie
We go through much stress and tension when diagnosed and being treated for bladder cancer. We are further stressed with the advice to stop smoking as it was probably the cause of our bladder cancer. As a former smoker and facilitator for the American Lung Association's "Smokers Withdrawal Clinic", I have some information that may help in your desire/need to “kick the habit.“ Proper deep breathing is the key to withdrawal and being relaxed. Notice when you inhale a cigarette your stomach inflates (fills with air). When you exhale the stomach flattens. Many smokers, when not smoking, breathe just the opposite or take shallow breaths. You can master the proper breathing/relaxation technique by pretend smoking with your fingers or a straw. Try it before you light up. Another way to get the proper breath is to hum or sing. This type breathing is also taught in Yoga and Tai Chi. To this day, when I feel what I use to consider an urge to smoke, I concentrate on proper breathing and realize immediate release of tension.

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