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Should husband isolate in the fall?

4 weeks 1 day ago #59369 by frannie72
I tend to agree. What is a few months apart if it means survival? It's difficult though, it's such a fluid situation, maybe we will have a vaccine in January, maybe we won't for a year.

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1 month 1 day ago #59368 by sara.anne
We are not doctors here and are not personally familiar with your husband's situation. However, if his doctor is concerned based on his past history, I would take his recommendations seriously.

Those of us in vulnerable groups are having a hard time of this, keeping away from our family and friends. But the alternative is unthinkable.

Sara Anne

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1 month 2 days ago #59365 by frannie72
Since there is concern of a "second wave" in the fall, my husband's doctor said we might look into a short term apartment for him in the fall until there is a vaccine. We have young children, they're isolated now but will (hopefully!) be returning to school in August. In addition to being in treatment for bladder cancer (T1, about 1 year into treatment), he also has mild COPD and about three years ago almost didn't survive pneumonia from the flu. So, there's concern about COVID and being around the kids, who might be asymptomatic. Is anyone else in this situation? Of course I don't want to put him at more risk but at the same time, does this seem excessive?

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