Fiancé is one huge ball of stress

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Fiancé is one huge ball of stress was created by Jmrodrig
Hey everyone, new to forum here.

I’m writing in reference to my fiancé who is going through some bladder issues at the moment. She is a 26 yr old non smoker with no major medical hx other than suffering from Chrons which led her to getting a partial colectomy last summer.

She went in for her yearly physical last month and was found to have blood in her urine (microscopic hematuria). A week later urine was examined again and blood continued. Urine culture showed no infections so she was referred to a urologist. A week ago we met with the urologist who again sampled her urine for a culture and cytology.

Urologist called yesterday and told her that not only did she have a UTI but that her cytology came back as atypical. She was prescribed a week long dosage of antibiotics for her UTI and then will have to repeat cytology.

She is now thinking the worst. I’m trying to my best to keep her optimistic and was hoping that some of you guys who have experienced similar situations would have some input.


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And just a quick add: primary care also had my fiancé go in for ct scan to look for a cause for the hematuria and those scans came back clean.

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1 year 4 months ago #59194 by Jack R
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Your Fiance is does not match the profile of a typical bladder cancer patient. That said, catching BC early is the best key for a good outcome, so a workup is reasonable.

The odds of a female, 29 years young, non-smoker with microscopic blood, and no other identified risks developing bladder cancer is down in the low single digits; but it does happen, rarely. There are LOTS of causes of blood in urine.

Cytology has lots of false positives and false negatives. Atypia is not bladder cancer. A clean CT is a good sign.

Most of us have been through the panic mode the first time we hear the C word and they are talking about us. Ball of stress or freaking out is a mild initial reaction. Lots of people pass through here with a similar story, and most leave after a full work-up either finds a cause or cannot find any cause for a microscopic or occasional small amount of blood in the urine.

She is on the path to an answer. In the worst case, finding bladder cancer EARLY offers the best outcome.

It sounds like you two are on the right track.


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1 year 4 months ago #59197 by Alan
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Just seconding Jack's sage advice. While none of us are doctors and I rarely give guesses/conjecture, is it possible the partial colonectomy be creating some inflammation/irritation? I would guess your doc has considered this. As Jack posted, there are many that have posted here and NEVER found a cause of passing blood. Please let us know what is found as we all learn from every experience. Here is trusting this nothing.

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