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Keeping fingers crossed!!!

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I said I was going to keep everyone posted, so here we are. Went for my CT Urogram and waiting for my results. The technician was kind and explained everything well - procedure was roughly 15-20 minutes (I.e., from entering the room to leaving the facility)

Hello everyone,

I stumbled upon this forum while looking for resources on BC.

I am a 43 year old female. Below is a rough timeline of how things have shaped up in the last month. I will try to be as succinct as possible.

I noticed blood in my urine on/about 4 November, and made an appointment to see my primary care doctor. He was not available till the 14th, so I saw another doctor from the same practice on the 10th. She did a dipstick test, and send it for a culture, and send me home with a 7-day dose of antibiotics.
All the results came back negative, so I presumed that those antibiotics went into my body for no apparent reason.

I went ahead and saw my primary physician on the 14th, who went ahead and made a referral for a CT kidney stone. That evening, fearful and shivering with uncontrollable stress, I drove to the facility for the CT. Exorbitant costs, because of insurance deductible amount - the endless paraphernalia of insurance.
On Friday, the 16th, my primary physician messaged saying that everything came back normal, and that he had made a referral for an urologist.

At this point, I was grasping for air from stress, and learning new things, and trying breathing exercises and yoga as coping mechanisms.

The urologist’s office called midday on Monday, the 19th, and an hour later, I was at their facility. The doctor wanted an urine sample, and told me that he did not care for the CT kidney stone results, and that I should schedule a CT Urogram and a cystoscopy asap.

I scheduled both, and that night the bleeding stopped completely. Thanksgiving week passed by in a blur, and I tried quite ineffectively to distract my mind.

My cystoscopy was conducted last Friday (30th). The doctor told me that he didn’t find anything, and that we’d need to wait for the CT Urogram results. I drove home with more heart palpitations then when he inserted that scope inside me. Beginning on the 1st of December, the blood has returned with cramping. As I write this, cramping is under control.

The CT Urogram is scheduled for this week. I have sleepless nights, fits and spurts of deep sadness, and a general feeling of detachment from the world.

I will keep you all posted. In the interim, any insights, suggestions, and advice is welcome. If you pray, please keep me in your thoughts.

Thank you for reading - I appreciate it more than I could ever articulate.

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