34 and possible bladder cancer

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I am just seconding Sara Anne's response adding my own wife's experience. Some 35 years ago she passed blood in her urine and there was concern about bladder or kidney cancer/disease. She even had a retrograde-pylogram and we/she never found a reason for the hematuria. I personally know 2 others in the same boat. No known reason was ever found. You are doing right by having tests but, take one day at a time!

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It is a good idea to consult with a urologist when there are signs of blood in the urine as this can be a sign of bladder cancer However there are many many reasons to have blood in the urine that are not bladder cancer and many cases are never identified . It is unlikely at your age and with your background that you have bladder cancer but it is a possibility that needs to be checked out .

I would suspect that there are more cases where a cause is never identified then there are where turned out to be cancer . This is what we will be hoping for for you .

Sara Anne

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Hi everyone.

I am waiting to get my bladder scope next week, but curious if anyone has had the same symptoms as me and been found to have nothing.

I first discovered blood in my urine when I was 7 weeks pregnant. It was visible, but at the time I thought it was a miscarriage. It wasn't, and the Dr. Said it was a UTI and put me on antibiotics, but turned out it wasn't a UTI. I continued then to have microscopic blood in my urine throughout my pregnancy. My dr wasn't concerned and suggested i see a urologist if it didn't clear after giving birth. I gave birth to my daughter at the end of June. At my postpartum check up the urine still showed blood and I was referred to a urologist. I had a CT scan done and everything came back normal. I am now waiting for the scope to be done. From the first blood in urine incident to now, it's been 10 months.

I am 34, female and a non-smoker. But my mother did smoke and i was exposed to secondhand smoking during my childhood.

As far as othet symptoms go, many could have been related to my pregnancy as far as frequency to urinate goes, but i did have that. I will say that frequency isn't as noticeable since giving birth.

Did anyone have microscopic blood in their urine for months and have no reason identified for it?

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