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New and Very Unsure

3 years 6 months ago #52610 by sara.anne
First, take a deep breath!! There are MANY things that could cause your symptoms other than bladder cancer...and in fact, they are probably more likely. But your doctors have done the right thing by referring you to a urologist.

A urologist will NOT just "shoo you out of the way." She will most likely do another urinalysis and then she should do a cystocopic exam...where a tiny camera is placed in the bladder to look for any abnormalities. After that? It depends on what she finds/suspects.

You are not making a big deal out of nothing. Obviously something is "wrong" and it is up to the urologist to figure this out. And that is what you want to make sure happens. The odds of it being bladder cancer are relatively low.

Wishing you the best....and please let us know! We care about you!

Sara Anne

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3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #52609 by FrancesConstance
I have been having a situation going on with me since late July/August. Whenever I went pee it would hurt so bad and sting to the point where I needed to leave work. It had been going on for about 2 weeks, (at first not as painful but then the pain increased drastically) I was waiting for an appointment with my Gyno because I thought it had something to do with my other lady parts (at the time I was 9mos. PP) when that really strong pain hit I went to the urgent care and they did a urinalysis where I had blood in my urine for the first time ever but no infections, so they just prescribed me pain meds. I still went to the appointment when the time came with my Gyno to which she said everything looked perfect and she wasn't sure why I was experiencing pain, but if it kept up I should see a urologist. However with me being a teacher I do not just have time to miss work, and I forgot about making that appointment. The pain dulled and I only felt sharp stinging when I peed (along with the urgency and frequency, but still I could somewhat tolerate it) sometimes, nothing to the point of extreme, until just this past week. I was at work and immediately Asked to find a sub and went right to the urgent care (I felt like my whole body was on fire because it hurt so bad down there) the first thing they did was a urinalysis because I suspected a UTI, however still no infection came back and there was a trace of blood in the urine. Doctor recommended I definitely see a urologist. I already have an appointment with the urologist, I am

1. Wondering what I should talk to her about exactly.
2. How do I make sure the testing gets done and not shooed out of the way?
3. Am I making a big deal out of nothing? Could it be bladder cancer?

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