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Hystectomy reveal bladder cancer?

3 years 9 months ago #52107 by dieseldoc
You should be seeing a urologist for your bladder and getting a second appionion and a plain of attact for this, ASAP!!!

T1,NO,MO battling bladder cancer since 2005

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3 years 9 months ago #52082 by publicnewsense
If the symptoms you had a hysterectomy over were still present weeks after the hysterectomy and it turned out to be bladder cancer, what are the chances the hysterectomy would reveal the bladder cancer? The surgeon said they 'checked my bladder' but not sure what that entailed aside from excruciating pain post-op.

My reason for the hysterectomy was almost constant pelvic and lower back cramping for a year but I also have a history of trace amounts of blood in urine for the past two years as well as frequency increase and difficulty emptying bladder.

In other words, I guess I'm wondering, was the hysterectomy enough to reveal it the symptoms were actually bladder cancer or should I be asking my doctor to do other tests?

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