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Suzie, I think I answered some of your questions under the newly diagnosed category, but I will try the "BCG" one here.

BCG stands for "Bacillus Calmette–Guérin" which is a modified tuberculosis bacterium that was developed in the early 1900's as a safer TB vaccine for children. It is hardly ever used for that anymore, but has been tried as a therapy for several kinds of cancer. Surprisingly, while it was unsuccessful in several others, it was found to be very effective with certain types of bladder cancer! It is considered an "immunotherapy" rather than chemo.

It is placed in the bladder (in a similar fashion to that I described to you previously for Mitomycin) multiple times. It is hoped that it will stimulate the immune system in the bladder and help it reject cancer cells. There is a LOT on BCG in these forums! IF you have a type of bladder cancer where this is recommended, there is a lot of reading available on this web site.

Many many of us have had BCG and are very grateful for it.

You will only know AFTER your biopsy results are in whether this is indicated in your case.

Non-invasive bladder cancer (which is what we hope that you have!) is cancer that is limited to the lining of the bladder and has not yet progressed into the muscle or other layers of the bladder, nor to the lymph nodes. Invasive cancer is that that has spread beyond the bladder lining.

It is far too early for you to be worrying about these possibilities....

Sara Anne

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Hello everyone. I have been newly diagnosed with Bladder Cancer and have a tumor in the lining of the bladder. Already had a cystoscopy to verify this. I am suppose to have the tumor removed by surgery and then given an anti-cancer medication. What is the difference between invasive and no invasive? Are there new medications out that are used in place of chemotherapy? What does BCG stand for? How often does this cancer reoccur after surgery?


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