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Hello and welcome.... The waiting game is a very nervous time indeed. We have all been there and know the tension of waiting for an exam or test results. One of my pet peeves is how often doctors ignore or downplay blood/clots in urine for women since that is just "something we do" normally and just write a script for antibiotics. It is good news that your kidneys show no problem on your CT scan.

I don't want to second guess your symptoms since the cystoscopy on August 2nd will show what is going on inside your bladder. I know your head is spinning at top speed at the mere prospect of bladder cancer. Just remember that if it were to be so, it is very treatable these days and a top-notch doctor is crucial. Just so you can be prepared, if he finds something suspicious, while you're waiting research some hospitals and their urology departments in your area and ask him for a referral (if your insurance requires it) of your choosing for a second opinion (unless your uro is one of those specialists, but a second opinion is always encouraged anyway). If you tell us where you are, we can probably suggest some for you to consider.

Also, if the cystoscopy shows nothing a trip to your gynecologist is needed. My gynecologist actually found my bladder tumor. I went to her first because she told me on my first visit to her that "any bleeding after menopause is NOT normal and needs to be checked immediately" so I went straight to her when I saw that little tinge of blood on the bath tissue. All the female stuff was OK, but upon seeing that small mass in my bladder she sent me straight to a uro. Prior to that, I had never even had a UTI ever so going to a uro had not occurred to me!

Please continue to ask any questions you might have or join in discussions on other threads. I hope your cysto goes well and the source of your symptoms is found quickly.

Best wishes... Catherine

TURBT 1/21/10 at age 55
Dx: T2aN0M0 Primary Bladder Adenocarcinoma
Partial Cystectomy 2/25/10
Vanderbilt Medical Center
Nashville, TN

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This is my story so far....
In Dec 2011 I had a bit of bladder discomfort and HAD to urinate. I had a bit of difficutly doing so as it felt like there was something blocking the urine from coming out. I made a few trips to the bathroom and blood dripped into the toilet. I made several trips to the bathroom that afternoon and finally clots passed and I felt better. The doc did confirm a UTI. Huge surprise to me as I had not had one in about 15 years and only as a result of a kidney stone.

No futher symptoms until June 7, 2012. I had the same issues again as I did in December...passed clots and felt better. Doc again says it was a UTI based on urine test. Took antibiotics for 5 days; felt great. June 14th, I woke to bladder pain and thought to myself that I had another UTI. Got up and went to the bathroom. Peed but had discomfort...no blood or clots. Went back to bed only to have to go to the bathroom again. This time, I urinated and blood and lots of clots came out. There were more clots this time than the previous times. Had a urine test but NO UTI this time.

I had a CT w/contrast...all looks good; no kidney stones. Had appt. with Urologist and will have a cystocopy but not until August 2nd to look for cancer because my symptoms are typical.

I'm having a hard time to process this. I've felt fine and have only had these three incidents. I thought that maybe I had passed small kidney stones but the doc doesn't think so. Has anyone had similar experience?

Thank you for your support.

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