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    Hello All..My urothelial cancer started in my kidney over a year ago. I had my left kidney and ureter removed in March. We have been alternating scopes and ct since then. On Thursday, Dr started the scope, after me explaining I had to have ovarian cyst along with ovary removed 2 weeks prior and I feared they ripped urethra pulling Cath out. He didn’t get scope far when he pulled back and said no..it’s a tumor causing the pain! He had a surgery spot open that afternoon and since I start new insurance in Jan and have already had T1 in kidney..no time to waste, we did it. He ended up removing 4 small tumors from the bladder that evening! Has anyone else had UTUC first then bladder cancer? He did the TURBT and now we wait but told my hubby I will need treatment..most likely BCG((unfortunately, new insurance starts Jan and he isn’t in network so having to find new specialist to treat, he supposed to help). A double punch in the gut as he is the best around!

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