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  • Ongoing Ureter Pain since Stent Removal

    Posted by exsequor on November 13, 2017 at 12:21 am

    Had TURPT Sept. 12th for Low grade/noninvasive tumor. Dr placed stents in each ureter. One on left for the “kidney stone” (which didn’t exist) that sent me to the doctors in the first place, and one on the right for “debris” from the TURBT since the tumor was relatively close to the right ureter opening.

    Stents were removed Oct 13th.

    Have had pain since they were removed that has equalled or exceeded the pain I had in the ureters WITH the stents.

    Am working with urologist on this ongoing pain, but I want some of your advice / opinions. Tests in urine mark no blood at all, no nitrites, and only luekocytes once. So far nothing has cultured (no sign of infection). Renal ultrasound has shown great and healthy results.

    Urologist’s PA told me to take Pyridium for the pain. It does help, but I can tell when the medicine is wearing away, and the pain can even sometimes flair up on the pyridium (it does help though).

    Urologist said if the pain and concern persists, that we will do a renal cat scan.

    Any help would he appreciated. I feel good otherwise.

    Heavy Wine Hematuria: 7/28/2017
    Original DX: LG/NMIBC 1.7×1.5x2cm
    1st TURB on 9/12/17
    1st Pathology Results on 9/25/17
    1st Scope Recheck on 1/12/18
    2nd TURB on 1/23/18
    2nd Pathology on February 2/13/18 (TBD)
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