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  • Mom supsected of bladder cancer?

    Posted by ScaredAsHell on January 9, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Hello guys.
    My mom has been urinating with blood the past few months, and so she finally decided to visit a doctor. After a few appointments, even when a doctor literally stuck a tiny camera in her bladder, and scanned her body, they said that they didn’t suspect any cancer, but they were not sure. So they need to do biopsy. My mom has been smoking, not too much but i would say at least 3-4 cigarettes a day, and works with a lot of chemicals (cleaning). When i was at the most recent appointment at the clinic, when the doctor stuck the camera in her, we saw something that looked like a redness. The doctor said again, it’s probably not cancer but they were not sure.
    I am very worried for my mom, because of her unhealthy lifestyle, smoking (i asked her to quit, she refused, literally had a cigarette in front of me), stress from/and work. I am not very old, and i am thinking of what will happen, if she is diagnosed with cancer, and as many of you know, most people think of of death when they hear the word ‘cancer’ (i am one of those people). Since i am new to this website, and doesn’t now too much about bladder cancer, i would like to know what the surviving rate is, how it can be treated, and of course, if my mom has any chance of not having it. Also can i trust what the doctor told us? That the redness isn’t that serious? Is that doctor nuts? I am dying to know and only wish that i know what the results are. I am very worried, everytime i think of it, i start crying, i can’t look at her without crying, when i wake up, this is the first thing i think of as well as when i go to bed. I’m very worried and i hope i can get some mind clearing answers from you guys, and i would really appreciate it.
    I would like to mention that i am from Denmark, but my parents are both from Romania. I am pretty young, and concerned about my future without my mom.
    Thank you very much, and i can’t wait to read your wonderful answers!

    Update 1: My mom just had her biopsy done, and i am very nervous and can’t wait for the results to be here. My mother finds peeing painful, and has to drink lots of water. The results are supposed to arrive in a week or two.

    Update 2: 1 day after her biopsy, we found out my mom got an infection, basically some bacteria got in there during the biopsy. She has been hospitalized. We got an ambulance to pick her up, cause my mom wasn’t even able to walk. She has fever, nausea and her abdominal area hurts. Doctors said that she will be ok in a day or two. They put her on antibiotics (penicillin).

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  • ScaredAsHell

    January 9, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    Thank you very much!
    My mind is a mess right now, there are so many questions and fears, and i guess that’s how it is until the results arrive.
    Thank you very much for your answer, it really cleared some things up.
    Yes she is being treated in Denmark, and i will make sure i will attend every appointment she has to go to.
    She hasn’t always been smoking, she first smoked up to 2 cigarettes occasionally
    (at a small family party etc.), and then began smoking 3-4 cigarettes daily. I have tried to gently ask her to stop, but she will always reply with ”I will”, but really never did.
    I am very grateful for your answer, and i will keep updated. Her biopsy is scheduled for next week, so i’m assuming that the results will arrive in 2 weeks.

  • sara.anne

    January 9, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    Your mom is lucky to have you by her side! You really will NOT know what the situation is until the results of the biopsy come back….and that usually takes up to a week after the biopsy. IF it is bladder cancer, and IF it is found early, there are very effective treatments and your mother can look forward to a long and comfortable life. I was diagnosed just 8 years ago (early high grade) and fortunately have not had a recurrence and am doing great.

    Smoking is one of the few definitive causes of bladder cancer. I am very sympathetic to your frustration with your mother’s habit, but remember that it IS an addiction. My husband smoked and died of lung cancer. I feel that second-hand smoke is a real factor in my bladder cancer. But nagging her will not make her quit.

    Will be thinking of you and please let us know what happens with the biopsy. I assume she is being treated in Denmark?

    Sara Anne

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