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    Posted by Rockyiss on June 2, 2008 at 4:52 am

    Hey guys I was just reading and thinking (I know it is dangerous to think) and wondering how much of an influence coloring and perming your hair has on the chances of getting bladder cancer and breast cancer.
    Think about it most women color their hair and alot do perms. I know my sister is at a greater risk of bc because she’s a hairdresser. I have bc but do not color or perm my hair, but you have to wonder about pouring those chemicals on all the time, what do they do to the body.
    I have another sister who won’t get mamograms because of the radiation but has been coloring her hair for 37 years. An older sister had stage 4 breast cancer and has colored her hair for 38 years. Just thinkingggg, Rocky

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