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Steve's annual scope - CIS Back?

12 years 7 months ago #9408 by timb
velvety regions can mean CIS, yes. but you are right to wait for the histology because it could also be scar tissue or BCG-related inflammation. many doctors do recommend cystectomy for recurrent CIS post BCG but also some people opt for a further course before making that decision. I made that decision after 2 recurrences; one CIS recurrence and also a recurrence of G3 tunour post BCG. Steve is stuck in that awkward limbo where some people would go in one direction and some in another. its a mindbending head trip! but wait for the results. please feel free to PM me with any quetions. Im in Bristol - not so far from you guys.


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12 years 7 months ago #9400 by The_Rabbit
Hi Folks

Steve has just had his annual scope today. He had his last one in July which was clear after 6 initial BCGs then a maintenance of 3, followed three months later by 2. His Uro - a 'top guy' here in the Midlands, UK, said there was some 'fluffy stuff' on the dome of the bladder which he burnt off, and some velvety regions which he has biopsied. Steve asked if he was surprised by these findings. He said no. He then said 'we will wait for Histology results and most likely proceed with further maintenance BCG'. This worries me slightly as I thought a recurrence of CIS post BCG would mean an RC. Do you think they may try one more time with BCG and then make a decision? Velvety regions usually mean CIS does it not? We are disappointed as we really hoped he would be in the 80% of people for whom BCG works. Hey Ho.

GP aware of haematura in Jan 06
Diagnosed BC Nov 06
T1G3 with CIS
Age 46, Smoked since 15, gave up at diagnosis

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