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Thoughts on natural remedies

12 years 5 months ago #9141 by Wayne
If there is all kinds of stuff stuck on the inside of the colon how can the food we eat every day be absorbed into the body?? Seems to me if we clean our colon and then eat healthy(raw fruits and vegtables mostly)Which can be digested much easier. Then our body would get more nutrients to make us feel better and fight off lots of things not only cancer.

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12 years 5 months ago #9127 by wendy

Man there is nothing worse then being constipated. Just FYI this is how Elvis Presley died the King from constipation. Who would of thunk that from all the things he was into. Joe

Hi Joe and gang,

Elvis died of constipation? I had never heard it, although I did know he died on the bathroom floor, poor thing. So, I went and googled it to find out if it's true and found the answer at Snopes, the site that validates or un-validates Urban Legends that originate on the internet. The answer was amusing but sad, rumor has it Elvis died of "x amount of pounds of impacted fecal matter." From what I read, he was certainly full of it at the autopsy, although I think it was the drugs that acutally caused him to die. So sad...

I copy an excerpt

Meat Your Maker

Claim: John Wayne's autopsy revealed 40 pounds of impacted fecal matter lodged in his colon.

Status: False.

Origins: Advocates of colonic irrigation products of dubious benefit use scarelore like the examples quoted above to indict the American "goo and glue" diet and validate their claim that the practice is a safe and effective means of curing a variety of ailments by purging the body of all sorts of sludge and toxins. Vegetarian groups employ this horror story to demonstrate that a meat-based diet is both unnatural and unhealthy for human beings. Hence stories circulate about alleged post-mortem discoveries that celebrities (such as John Wayne and Elvis Presley) who epitomized the "meat and potatoes" diet, gluttony, or other negative eating habits had some tremendous amount (40, 60, or even 80 pounds) of "impacted fecal matter" or "impacted feces" lodged in their intestines.

Anecdotes such as these are, in a word, crap.

Now, think about how long a person would have to suffer with a serious and painful affliction such as this one to accumulate 80 pounds (or 60 pounds or 40 pounds) of "impacted fecal matter." In 1994, an Israeli man sought medical attention because he was suffering from severe constipation two days after having eaten a large quantity of pomegranates. He refused to allow doctors to adminster an enema, fled the hospital, and returned a week later in severe pain and bleeding from his rectum. This time the doctors operated to remove the impacted feces. How much fecal matter did they remove? Half a kilogram, or a little over a pound. Just one pound of impacted feces was causing extreme pain and rectal bleeding in this patient, but we're to believe that people can accumulate up to 80 pounds of the stuff without even being aware of it?

<> Nobody had the chance to perform an autopsy on John Wayne, much less to "run his gut" and weigh the amount of fecal material found within. (Wayne did undergo surgery for an intestinal blockage about a month before his death, but that blockage was caused by the spread of the cancer that was killing him, not by an accumulation of waste products.)

This claim was somewhat true about Elvis Presley (in concept if not in actual quantity), but not for the reasons we're led to believe. According to an account based on the report by the four doctors who performed the post-mortem examination of the entertainer:
The colon is approximately five to seven feet in length in a person Elvis's size and should have been about two inches in diameter ... however, Elvis's colon was at least three and a half inches in diameter in some places and as large as four and half to five inches in diameter in others ... [T]he megacolon was jam-packed from the base of the descending colon all the way up and halfway across the transverse colon. It was filled with white, chalklike fecal material.
This account makes it sound like Elvis was a prime example of the hazards of the "goo and glue" diet, but his poor eating habits (greasy, cholesterol-laden foods such as cheeseburgers, french fries, bacon, fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, ice cream) were far less responsible for the condition of his colon than other factors, such as his congenitally twisted ganglionic fold, his overuse of laxatives, and, primarily, his prolonged drug abuse. As one of the autopsy doctors described, "When you take downer-type drugs, depressants, narcotics, a lot of them, most of them, have the concomitant effect of slowing down the digestive system. In other words, the locomotive action of the bowel quits working, so it gets packed with food, and then it gets packed with more food. And it sits there distended and full of food, and that causes the colon to stretch." In other words, it was drugs, not meat, that caused the severely impacted condition of Elvis' colon.

Last updated: 31 December 2005

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12 years 5 months ago #9072 by Zachary

MONEY is why. I believe that the reason natural remedies are not investigated more is because of money. If someone ever does discover that something simple and natural prevents or stops cancer from growing there will be a lot of stocks drop.

Wanna know why conventional medicine costs so much?

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12 years 5 months ago #9071 by Mike
Yeah Ginger I drink alot of prune juice to keep things moving so I don't get blocked up and I take Senna and Colace and this Trio seems to be working whether well. Man there is nothing worse then being constipated. Just FYI this is how Elvis Presley died the King from constipation. Who would of thunk that from all the things he was into. Joe

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12 years 5 months ago #9070 by Gene Beane
Hey, I know alot about prune juice, it works for my husband, and I didn't get it from the Doctor. Whatever that means.!!!

Ginger Beane

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12 years 5 months ago #9067 by dmartin12358

What i do know for sure is we still have the same old treatments for the last 50 years which are chemo,radiation, and surgery.

Not exactly.

Actually, you're way wrong on this point.

Saying we have the same old treatments over the past 50 years ignores the tremendous changes that have occurred. Death rates for cancer are going down in the good 'ol U.S of A!!! One reason is lifestyle changes (few people smoking...). Another reason is simply earlier detection (so that chemo/surgery/radiation will be more effective). Another reason is that chemo today (or surgery, or radiation) is MUCH MUCH different than our grandparent's chemo or surgery or radiation (my surgery for T1G3 + CIS that replaced my bladder with a neobladder and removed 65 lymph nodes was not even available 20 years ago).

And keep in mind that immunotherapy (using our body's immune system to delay recurrence and progression of high grade bladder cancer) has been an established treatment for maybe 20 years or so (even though my humble opinion is that immunotherapy for SOME folks with certain high grade cancers isn't the most effective treatment - but that's another story entirely and I won't go there, here).

I beleive there is something(natural) out there that can stop this stuff.Chemo + Surgery,Chemo + Rad,Etc. What about carrot juice + Whatever?? How will we ever know if we don't experiment.

I agree, we won't know if natural remedies (carrot juice or whatever) could cure cancer unless we experiment. And there are quite a few individuals who do experiment with natural remedies, but when they use themselves as guinea pigs, most of them die.

There are some scientists who put natural remedies to the test. But I'd say that one significant reason that there isn't more mainstream investigation on curing cancer using carrot juice (or whatever) is that most scientists don't believe it is the most reasonalbe avenue of research. Think about it, if Grandma's special blend of carrot juice (or whatever) worked, everybody would be using it to cure their cancer (I sure as hell would!).

I may be in the minority here, but I fully support any cancer patient's right to use any treatment plan they wish. We 'own' our disease. I would hope that the person with cancer would review all of the various options with an open mind (whether BCG or interferon or mitomycin C or TURBT or cystectomy or carrot juice or vitamin C or prayer or whatever) before they make their decision. But I support their decision (even if their doctor/wife/husband/son/daughter/friends think differently).

But as one who has gone thru the surgery, I'd highly recommend it! <g> As I recall, your doctors are recommending cystectomy, so take it from someone else who has been there, done that - it's worth doing - just go to the best surgeon you can find! If you were my best friend or brother or dad or my kid (or even if I don't know you, which I don't), I'd recommend this surgery.

I beleive that the reason natural remedies are not investigated more is because of money. I work for one of the biggest drug companies in the world and all the sales reps they send to doctors offices are beautiful model type people (wonder why??) MONEY is why.

I agree that money is 'one' of the reasons natural remedies are not investigated more (but come on, be reasonalbe, you know it is not the only reason). But so what that money is involved. 10,000 years ago you might have traded someone a pig to pull an infected tooth. What's the difference between someone 10,000 years ago who used a pig as payment and a company today that develops cancer treatments and receives dollars. Not much.

I guess my point is that I'm unaware of any company on this planet that develops treatments for disease entirely for free, where they pay for all the associated expenses out of their pocket just cuz they're nice. Do they drug companies make too much money. You betcha, way too much money - but right now they are part of the system that we humans in modern societies have created. Wanna go someplace that has no drug companies? Try Africa, or New Guinea - not exactly hotbeds of advanced life-saving medical technologies. Wanna create help a better system? You can't do it dead.

Anyhow, enuf yakking - just know that I and others here on this site are wishing the best for you, Wayne!!!

Sure glad the wife doesn't have a cattle prod.

I dunno, maybe if the cattle prod had low enough voltage, you and your wife could have some fun with it!!! I've got a few ideas, maybe I'll send you a PM... <g>

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So far, so good (kow)

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