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One Year Later

12 years 8 months ago #8093 by skypilot
Hello, My cancer was just like your husbands. I had 6 BCG but still had T-1. DOC wanted to remove my Bladder and do a neo. I ended up going to a cancer center in Drtroit. He did his turb about 3 months after I was told to do removal. This top uro offerd me removal, chemo/rad, or inteferon with bcg, I went for the interferon. Afetr I asked what he would tell his little brother. his answer I can make you a new bladder but not like God did. I did have more reaction to this , I stayed rite in the office did the roll arounds for one hour and expelled it. Went to work but it was tuff due to I work outside construction. I did urinate a lot of tissue looking stuff, with BCG alone nothing like this. I had a really bad reaction after no. 4 and we stoped and did not finish last 2. I thought I was SOL, but lo and behold 5 weeks later I had anther TURB,It was like God reached in my body and pulled the posin they call cancer out of me. Just like I had prayed for. I have had 2, 3 month check ups clean.I will have my third 3 month check on Monday afternoon the 17th. I have not had any teratments since TURB last Nov 27th. I feel great and I can go 3 to 4 hours in between the peeing. This helps a lot with my work. My age is 58 I am a male of average size and not over whight. I do work out and drink ISAIC tea since I was first told I had this issue. I also during the treatment time I took herbalistic meds. I do not now. I still work out never stoped and I eat beter than I ever did. I will be here Praying your husband does as well. And even if it comes back I am thankful for the last 9 months of freedom from the cancer Monster. Don

Hanging in there!

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12 years 8 months ago #8088 by wendy
Hi Bubbles,

I'm sorry to see your husband's BCG treatments haven't been successful as T1G3 with CIS is a very scary, risky diagnosis. The doctor is being honest when he says that cystectomy is the next step if the combination of BCG+IFN doesn't halt disease promptly as those who progress while under treatment are at very high risk.

I know that punched in the stomach feeling, my sympathies as that's not a nice feeling.

I hope this new option works magic but if not, you know there is life post-cystectomy, thanks to the many good folks out here who are sharing their experiences with us.

Good luck to you and your husband with the new treatment.

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12 years 8 months ago #8079 by TheWifeAgain
Hi everyone--
It's been about a year since I have posted regarding my husband's bladder cancer.
I can't believe it's been a year--it seems like decades ago.
He's still fighting but so far we are on the losing team.
His treatments and stats are listed in my sig below.
He is going to start BCG with Interferon October 12th. Just looking for anyone with a similar "track record" for some advice.
According to the doc this is the last try and then we have to consider Cystectomy.
I know we are dealing with some very stubborn and aggressive cancer. One of the most depressing moments was his 3 month follow up Cysto and there was already new tumors staring back at us on the monitor. I felt like I got punched in the stomach.
It's nice to be back and feel at home with my fears and disappointments. There are so many people here who have "been there - done that"....

Age 53 Currently
Bladder Cancer Diagnosis October 2006 T1G3
2011 Finally made it 6 month between Cystos
8/22/2011 Cysto in the OR
(BCG and BCG Maintenance over the years)
Graduated to yearly Cystos
Tumor found at first one year Cysto - TURBT 4/26/2013
Kidney pain - CT scan 5/1/2013

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