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What Has Your Experience Been with a Stent?

12 years 9 months ago #7090 by Rosie
You and I have the same low grade and location of just outside the left ureter orifice. Mine, however, did not close off my ureter so no stent was needed. Evidently your doctor did do some fulgerization (burning out of the area) so to avoid the scarring that could further close off the ureter stents were inserted. I feel for you OUCH! After 3 Turbs and 4 recurrences, I decided to do some more searching because I realized doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results was not logical. My next TURB (after doing watchful waiting and monitoring) of this 4th recurrence for 1 1/2 years will be one on September 19th. It is called a Gyrus resection. I learned there is quite a difference in a Gyrus resection compared to the normal resections I had done in the past. You may ask - in what way is it different. Well because of the solution used with the Gyrus, a clear picture of the bladder is seen so better and more complete resection is done with less chance of scarring. It is called a bipolar resection as compared to monopolar resection. I like the word "vaporize" when I read the description of gyrus resection. I tried to find the link where I read all the info on a Gyrus TURB to no avail. Hopefully this will get rid of my the recurrences. Rosie

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12 years 9 months ago #7082 by Gman1979
My first TURBT involved a rather large Ta low grade tumor attached right near the opening of my left uterer into my bladder. After removing the tumor (which took a lot longer than he thought it would), he couldn't even find the opening of my uterer to safely put the stent in. The TURBT was creeping on 2.5 hours. So, I had to go back to the hospital a week later and get a Double J stent put through the uterer via nephrostomy tube (an invasive radiologist put the stent in through my back and then attached a tube to my kidney leading outside to a little pouch, which provided much relief of my filled-to-the-brim kidney).

Let me tell you, after this stent was in, I had a TON of problems. Severe burning when urinating. The passing of even more tissue and scabbing (which, my urologist said, was probably freed when they pushed the stent through my uterer). I even had a blocked urethra and developed some sort of infection at the end of my penis. Wow, never thought I would be sharing that with strangers. All I can say is that there are many discomforts associated with JJ stents. They can also rub against the side of your bladder, causing discomfort.

I feel just like you, CH. How the hell am I going to feel during BCG? I guess we all shall persevere.

Best wishes,

"I am third."
-Gayle Sayers

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12 years 11 months ago #6023 by Rosie
CH and all,

I see there is some misunderstanding about the ureter and urethra on posts I have read in other parts of this forum. In my case and most cases where a tumor is removed that is just outside the ureter orifice a stent is inserted after surgery to be sure that the resectopm itself did not cause a closing of the ureter orifice due to scarring that can take place when that area is fulgerized after resection. In my case, no stent was installed because no fulgerization was done after the "resectopm by knife" of the papillary growth. The urethra stricture talked about in anther post is another part of the bladder. I had trouble with those two closely named bladder parts also for a time. Here are the pertinent definitions taken from the blcwebcafe website.

URETER -One of two tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder.
URETHRA - FEMALE a tube of appr. 3 cm located above the vagine that drains the urine from the bladder
URETHRA _ MALE- the tube extending from the tip of the bladder through the penis, that drains urine from the bladder

FULGERATION - The destruction of tissue by means of high-voltage electric sparks

Hope this helps you as much as it did me when I was trying to understand about that orifice. Rosie Ambs

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12 years 11 months ago #5997 by Mike
CH when I went in to get TURBT done they saw a blockage in left ureter and put a stent in. Then later that night I am thinking I am getting discharged in AM come to find out the stent slipped and I would have to go back in OR in the morning. This time they put in what they call a "Double J-Stent" and that sucker did the job I have had no problems since this procedure, I hope this helps you out some. Joe

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12 years 11 months ago #5992 by Rosie
Hello CH and welcome to the forum. A growth just outside the ureter does present a particular problem for removal as the chance of scarring that can close off the ureter orifice opening is a concern if the type and grade of the cancer does not warrant that complete of resection. The possibility of a stent insertion was also discussed with me because my original and recurring tumors are just outside my left ureter orifice. On the monitor with high magnification it looks like it is entirely covering the left ureter. In my case, it has been decided with each TURB to just remove the majority of the tumor growth without risking the closure of the left ureter orifice do to scarring. It has been explained to me that my low grade does not warrant the risk of fulgerizing that area so no stent was inserted to safeguard from scarring. Residual tumor and seeding has resulted in 4 recurrences in that area. I have been to 4 highly respected urologists and been in contact with many others and their opinion on my situation is in agreement - the risk of scarring which could close that ureter orifice opening is more of a problem than my recurrent low grade. A catch 22? I think so.
Rosie Ambs

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12 years 11 months ago #5990 by CH
Hello All: My first post and my first question. Male, 79 years old, DX with BC in May 2004. TA if I remember correctly, one small polyp removed, routine cystos every 3 months thereafter, with the start of another polyp removed in December 2004, and nothing thereafter.
3- year Cysto check-up in May 2007 showed new cell activity (Low-grade, non-invasive) just at opening of the right ureter; scraping; and BCG to start July 2, 2007. Dr. inserted stent in ureter "to keep it from closing".
The stent was inserted on May 11, 2007 and it seems every day it gets more "problemsome" - more pain, and particularly strong buring when urinating. And, need for frequent urination with not much volume. A Tylenol, or 2, does relieve the pain, and I finally took an AZO last night for the burning - but is this normal? (And if I feel this way now, what is going to happen with the BCG treatments?)

Thanks for your imput.

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