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BCG interval

12 years 1 month ago #5781 by Rosemary
I asked a Uro at my clinic WHY BCG's were always standardized on the same day of the week at weekly intervals. His reply to me was that "That is the way the research was conducted." So, I think the point of standardization is to try and regulate the quality of the results based on what has been tried before.

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12 years 1 month ago #5780 by wendy

I'm not so sure it's wise to put two BCG tx's so close together, it might be asking for trouble regarding side effects. I think it might be wiser to wait rather than rush.

You could ask Dr. Lamm, a top BCG expert who answers questions via his website: Maybe his insight helps.

Take care,
PS about a back up in Fargo...I guess the internet could help you there, or you could make a post asking about a referral with an appropriate title, here on the forum and see what comes up.

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12 years 1 month ago #5767 by Chantal
Dear Brewster,

Dear Brewster,
I have been skiing between my 4th and my 5th BCG: BCG on Thursday, been skiing in France from Saturday to Saturday, back to england on Sunday and 5th BCG on following Monday. So it was 10 days in between. I did not experience any major side effects apart some burning and a fatigue during this induction. Then 2 days later I have had a hysterectomy and an ovariectomy. A month later, I have had a cystoscopy and I was clear. The following week I have restarted 3 maintenance courses of BCG and this time there were only 5 days between the 2nd and 3rd one. It was not very successful regarding the side effects: the soreness was very important and lasted a week. So I think it is better to wait at least a week between 2 cycles and I am not sure there is any difference in the success of the treatment if you wait until 10 days between 2 courses.
Take care, Chantal
Female, 46, diagnosed Nov 2006, T1G2.

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12 years 1 month ago #5764 by Zachary
I'd definitely ask your doctor, but during my chemo there wasn't a problem with moving things around a day or two.

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12 years 1 month ago #5758 by brewster
Hello - First post from another newbie who is glad to join the club he never wanted to join. I have several questions but just one that I need an answer to fairly soon. I've just begun my initial 6-pack of BCG treatements for CIS. The first one last week was a breeze, but from what I've read here it might get rough by no. 6. The problem is I had a trip for a family reunion (flying half way across the country) planned for what would have been 5 days after no. 6 - enough of a cushion to recover I figured. Now, due to scheduling problems at the doctor's office I might get no. 6 slipped to the day before I leave. To avoid that I would have to shorten the interval between no. 4 and no. 5 to just 4 days vs. the standard 7 days. I'd appreciate your thoughts on the feasibility and problems with that short an interval. Also, I'm thinking I might want to line up a back-up urologist where I'm going (Fargo, ND) any thoughts on how to find a good one? Thanks in advance for any help - I'm really grateful I found this cafe. :) brewster - male age 66 in San Diego

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