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Third time!

6 years 2 weeks ago #45385 by lild8599
Thanks for your responses! I guess I am kind of jumping the gun and wanting answers like yesterday! LOL I have never had to wait this long for surgery and I guess I have too much time to think and worry! He found the tumor on Sept 16th, and surgery isn't scheduled until Oct 22nd! I have a couple "cysts" in my kidneys too that he has been watching too but they have remained stable for the last 6 months so he is going to leave those alone for now. Thanks again!

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6 years 2 weeks ago #45381 by sara.anne
Oh Boy, that is what we all dread. As we are all told, the problem with bladder cancer is that it tends to come back.

I suspect that your urologist will have a better idea of what might be the best approach once the results of the TURB are back. BCG is not always as effective with T1 grade 0 as with other types. It wouldn't surprise me, if that is the diagnosis again, if the uro just recommends that careful watch routine. Just think, you get to see him/her every three months again!!

Best of luck to you. Just remember that this is just about the best type of bladder cancer to get!!

Sara Anne

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6 years 2 weeks ago #45378 by GKLINE
Thanks for coming back!
Sorry You had to.

I guess the Dr. is not going to throw up a diagnosis until they do a little probing. I has probably been so long that you need a refresher course :laugh:

I hope it can be taken care of without big surgery and you can be on your way again....... hopefully for longer than 11 years.

A lot of us have this kind of scenario going on in our minds all the time. Sorry that you have a reoccurance and had to be here. But you are a survivor and will be again.


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6 years 2 weeks ago #45373 by Flamenco.
Wow ,you really are an oldtimer on this fórum! If it is "only small" I presume your doctor has seen a papillary tumour, which hopefully is only the same stage and grade. I would speak with your doctor about his thoughts on a treatment with intravesical mytomycin immediately following the TUR- and then decide if he advises any further treatment treatment once he has the biopsy results.

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6 years 2 weeks ago #45371 by lild8599
Hi all! I haven't been on these forums in about 10 years! I was first dx'd in November 2001 with stage 1 grade 0 single papillary tumor. First reoccur in May 2002, same stage and grade. For 11 years, I was cancer free! On Sept 16th I found out the cancer is back! 11 years!! I was so shocked! So my question is...if this recur is also the same stage/grade, would BCG or some other chemo be recommended? The uro only mentioned the TUR...nothing about chemo. Is it normal for them to just wit until the resection for the doctor to decide on treatment. He seems to think that since it's small, no big deal. Take it out, come back in 3 months. I have read conflicting recommendations though. Would love to hear similar stories!and what treatment you received. Thanks!

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