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Two cancers at once

6 years 10 months ago #45120 by GKLINE
I think we should all congratulate you for getting the right help and the right treatment..... all on your own.
It appears as though the series of steps taken to correctly diagnose your condition were spot on, and the decision to start BCG treatments means you are on your way to being free from this disease.
Good for you! I hope you are "somewhat" relieved with this news.

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6 years 10 months ago #45119 by sara.anne
This is not unusual. The papillary and the CIS both arise from the same tissue in the bladder lining and are often found together. My papillary was found on my first TURB. It is an excellent standard for the urologist to follow by doing a second TURB several weeks later...He knows then where areas of "concern" might be. My CIS was found on the second TURB and I had the complete schedule of BCG.
Have now been cancer-free for over three years!!

The CIS is a bit more difficult to find initially, since it tends to appear more like a rash or irritation rather than a protruding tumor. CT scans are good for finding tumors, as well as cancer in the upper tract which is not seen by cystoscopy.

Now that your uro is aware of the CIS, he/she will be looking especially for it during your cystoscopies, which probably will be scheduled every three months for the next year or so. BCG will probably irritate your bladder (that is what it is supposed to do). I had a couple of "we had better look at this" spots that turned out to be irritation from the BCG and not recurrence of cancer.

Please be aware that you are on the road to recovery, and everything that has been done is what is supposed to be done!!! :) However, one of the issues with bladder cancer is that IT TENDS TO COME BACK. Don't skip your treatments or exams.

There is a lot of information about BCG treatments on this forum also; recommend that you read up on it!!

Best of luck to you

Sara Anne

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6 years 10 months ago #45115 by quasar
I was recently diagnosed with two carcinomas, one in situ and the other a papillary. Both were non-invasive and caught early. The three tests: ultrasound, CT and cystoscopy only found the papillary. The other one was found during the TURBT. Since cystoscopy is the method to check for recurrence, I'm a bit concerned that the more concerning of the carcinomas did not show up the first time around. Does anyone else have an experience with this multiple diagnosis? I just started my first BCG treatment yesterday and am feeling ok. I have been reading your posts and want you to know the information and compassion has helped me through these past few weeks. Thank you all for being there.

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