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One of the Lucky Ones

7 years 5 months ago #43753 by DougG
Rant on, Mark! You know we're all in the AMEN corner for you.


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7 years 5 months ago #43752 by CatherineH
Hi Mark... Sorry to hear Heidi has had some bladder issues. I'm glad he is consulting with another doctor which always makes one feel better. If you are talking about transvaginal mesh, google it and look at all the possible complications and risks before you proceed.

Not sure if that is what the doctor is recommending for Heidi, but if so, research will help you prepare a list of questions for your next visit. I know you like to be informed. There are many lawsuits out there over various mesh products and procedures.

My best to you both...

Best wishes... Catherine
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7 years 5 months ago #43751 by upnorth
I just came back from Heidi's urologist appointment. She was having a bladder test to see if she needed the meshing put in. It looks like she will need to have the procedure done. The doctor said that it should help with the Pee-A-Little when you cough or laugh problem. Thank goodness that was all she needed.

And of course she gets a young and hansom doctor! :angry:

While I was in the waiting area I was listening to some of the men talking about their bladder problems. And how they didn't know if they could put up with the leaking and dripping anymore. And how they were afraid to go out, for fear they should have a problem. :dry:

Now I know that I shouldn't get angry at someone for wanting to have a problem cured by medical science...... but I just couldn't help but wounder how they would feel if they had been told that they had bladder cancer and that they would need to have a RC? :S

Before I lost my composer the aid came in and asked me to follow her to Heidi's room. I sat with her doctor and listened as he explained the procedure to us, and he told us that he wanted to consult with another college before he did anything. (Point in favor of the young doctor). ;)

He then turned and asked me how I was doing, and asked what grade of bladder cancer I had. I asked how he knew of my cancer, and he replied that Heidi had told him and also that he worked in the same office as my Urologist.

I happily told him Low Grade-Non Invasive. Doctor Hutchins just went in a took a little piece of cancer out of me and now I'm all better. He chuckled a little and said that he was glad that everything was going so well, and told me to keep up my checks just to be sure things stay that way.

As I walked back into the waiting area I once again heard the same comments from the men who were in there. When I went to sit down one of them asked what such a young man was doing here. I told him that I was only waiting for my wife. Then turned back to my magazine and read quietly until it was time to go. All the time thinking to my-self how quickly I would have my bladder ripped-the-heck out of me if I thought for one minuet that the cancer might spread. And how if my only problem was that I wet my self a little now and then, I would surely count my-self as one of the lucky ones.

I know it sounds petty of me, but I wanted so bad to tell them about what my friends here, and maybe someday my-self, have had to go through. And how they should count them-selves as one of the lucky ones too.

I'm kind of made at my-self for even writing this rant down, but I just felt I needed to vent. Sorry I took so much of your time.......I feel much better now. :blush:


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"Please don't cry because it is over..... Smile because it happened!" {Dr. Seuss} :)

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