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Post-Op pain - doubling over kind

13 years 2 months ago #4380 by wendy
Yikes Pam, that sounds serious. It could be a stricture in the intestine, or a blockage from the surgery healing and intestines stuck together or something. He needs attention ASAP, have you tried contacting his doctor and telling them there is an emergency? This soon out of surgery it would not be unheard of as the complications usually appear early if they're going to appear at all.

I hope you get can him to the ER or his doctor very soon. Usually extreme pain makes those who are usually stoic quite amenable to intervention, sorry to hear your father's being so stubborn. it doesn't make it easier for the caregiver either.

Please let us know what happens.

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13 years 2 months ago #4364 by timb
Where is the pain Pam? I had the cystectomy last October and, though I experienced a number of odd sensations and uncomfortable feelings, I didn't have any of the double-up pain you describe. It sounds irregular to me. If it happens after he eats it could be some kind of obstruction or trapped gas I guess but I'm not a doctor you really need to get him to one in my opinion, hard to get hold of or not. Im in UK so I don't know the protocol but if i'd had the pain you describe and it isn't being controlled by meds i would go to an emergency clinic of some kind. Why can't you get him to the emergency room? Can you get them to come to you?

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13 years 2 months ago #4361 by rockpam2
Hi, at the age of 70 my dad had radical cystomic surgery in mid-December and now has a bag. What worries me is that he has sudden intense pain that doubles him over along with a more steady more easily handled pain. This pain comes and goes and he can go a couple of days without having it. He is as a rule very pain tolerant so I know this is pretty bad. He dreads having to eat since it seems to bring this on and we suspect it probably has something to do with the bowels. Or possibly scar tissue or worse something not done correctly during the surgery. He is eating yogurt but being treated out of the VA so hard to get hold medical personel outside of his next appointment which is a month from now. Anyone else out there experiencing this? I am getting really worried that something is wrong and we cannot get him to go in at the emergency room. Also, no chemo was needed as part of his treatment.
thanks in advance,

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