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From shingles to BC

7 years 8 months ago #43056 by jswim789
Here's my story over the last 1.5 months:

Start with severe back pain. Doctor thinks it is a kidney stone, but it's not. It's shingles. Get through that, but doc says there was a blip on the ultrasound - need to get that checked. Urologist doesn't like the ultrasound. Says we need to take a look. Here, drop the pants and we'll get a camera up there. Embarrassing, but I can see now that's the least of my troubles. Urologist doesn't like the look of it, but no blood. Could be inverted papilloma or transitional cell carcinoma. Getting scared. Surgery scheduled for the following week.

On the gurney to the OR, anesthesiologist says "how long have you had that abnormal EKG?" YIKES!! Anxiety going through the roof. Surgery goes fine, not too much pain, tumor removed. Nothing else found. Wait, wait, wait for the pathology report.

Best of the bad news, lowest grade, non-invasive. 3 cheers (make that 1/2 a cheer). No further treatment recommended, but cystoscopy every 3 months.

Now add in the cardiologist - don't know where that's going yet. I am pretty fit, but it just adds tremendously to the anxiety.

And I can see from this forum that I shouldn't get my hopes at all that that was the end of my BC experience. I need to be optimistic, but I shouldn't get my hopes too high. I will NOT miss my appointments.

Small shred of good news: I got started on BPH treatment that I was really putting off. At least I have a good urologist who seems to care about me.

Thanks for listening.

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