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Pain associated with dehydration

8 years 10 months ago #38400 by Young Gun
For a little background: My bladder cancer was discovered about a year and a half ago, and after a few biopsies and tur's, was diagnosed with superficial cis. I then did followed the standard BCG treatment plan, and after another biopsy it seemed clear so have been on a regular maintenance plan since. I am currently in between finishing a set of BCG treatments and having the doctor look inside my bladder again.

One thing that bothers me still is if I haven't drank enough water, I can get a burning sensation for 15-20 minutes after I urinate. I am now able to sense when I know that I'll need more water before I urinate in order to try to prevent it, but it takes time for the water to pass through me so if I wasn't keeping up with it I'll probably have to deal with some discomfort for a little while. My standard reaction right now is when I sense this coming, I try to drink as much water as I can. Naturally this isn't always ideal, and I don't like having to trying to weigh being comfortable with that burning sensation versus having to go when I know I'm in a place I can't readily go. I asked my doctor but he says he doesn't see any reason for it so dismisses it.

The other thing that I'm unsure of is I will occasionally have a small stab of pain in my bladder. It seems to occur at random times and there is nothing that I have linked to lead to this, it just happens. It isn't as big of a deal, because it is just one short jolt and just catches my attention, but it isn't agonizing or anything. I just wonder if this is something to be expected when I haven't had a real surgery in quite a while. I guess the natural worry in the back of my head always is that the cancer is there in the muscle and the doctor could have missed it, but my logical sense tells me I shouldn't be jumpy like that, and I expect it isn't an issue.

Anyways, any insight on either matter would be appreciated. I'm assuming people here have probably had similar experiences, I've just had nothing to compare to besides my own.

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