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Laser for recurrent tumor

13 years 4 months ago #3492 by Rosie
Wendy welcome back!
The link I gave about the laser removal recurrent tumors was published in 2004. There is a way to also take a piece of the tumor for pathology prior to the laser eradication. It seems this is so much more of a sensible, less costly, less painful, less threatening and better clearing of the entire tumor so as to avoid re-seeding. Possibly most medical centers and urologists don't have the type of laser equipment necessary to do this procedure. Now that I know about it, I would advise all to check it out for availability at their treatment center. I have also seen earlier articles about the laser procedure being very effective with T2 and T3 tumors. Let's keep on this trail. I enlist others to find additional information on laser removal of bladder tumors and contribute to this discussion. Tumors in other parts of the body are also being removed effectively by laser. ::)

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13 years 4 months ago #3490 by wendy
Hi Rosie,

I'm surprised we don't hear of more folks who've had lasers for recurrent papilaries, I know they are out there. And satisfied consumers, from what I remember. Less morbidity, less pain and bleeding. It seems like a good way to go if you are not overly concerned about pathology being compromised or impossible.

It sounds like an excellent option for you under the circumstances. Please keep us posted.

I've been offline for about a week and catching up on things. No phone or internet! What a concept (and I didn't like it very much).

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13 years 4 months ago #3458 by Rosie
I recntly learned I can have my recurrent low grade tumor, that is just outside the ureter orifice safely and completely removed by laser. I have not seen this option much offered or available in America. It seems other countries have been sucessfully doing it for some time. Here is an interesting article I found. Has anyone had a laser removal of a low grade recurrent tumor?

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