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An unofficial poll! Please read!

9 years 11 months ago #31368 by Patricia answer is pain, no frequency, no nothing. My catheter was taken out about a half hour after my TURB as the urine was clear and i got up and walked out and this was at a major Cancer hospital..Memorial Sloan.
No infection
No indwelling catheter to cause infection
It really boils down to the surgeon...and maybe its easier for a female. I'll let the guys take over as they seem to have more problems.

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9 years 11 months ago #31367 by nancikay
** This thread discusses the content article: An unofficial poll! Please read! **

My husband had TURBT on March 16, followed in the OR/recovery room by mitomycin via catheter for one hour.

Since that time, he has had ongoing issues with urgency, frequency and spasms. He did have a bladder infection but it has been treated and cleared up. He feels that the way he is feeling physically is abnormal for this procedure so I told him I would take an informal poll to find out if it really is, or is it just that he/we were not prepared for the after effects. When we talk to the doctors or their offices, it seems they don't take us very seriously.

So, if you would humor us, please answer the following:

1. Did you have symptoms of frequency, urgency, incontinence or spasms after TURBT, either with or without mitomycin?

2. If so, how long did the symptoms last?

3. Were you given any bladder relaxing medications to help you?

He is supposed to start BCG on Friday.



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