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What to do? Paralyzed with indecision

11 years 1 week ago #25794 by Gracie
Hello Jfitz,

Dr. Konety did my cystectomy but it was not done with DaVinci - it was open. I can't say enough about Dr. Konety's skills as a surgeon. He did an excellent job. I just can't speak to his exp with robotics. Also I do know that UCSF has excellent pain management which is something to keep in mind and question.

Dr. Konety is very open and will speak to any concerns you might have. I am very direct with him and always have a ton of questions.

Best of luck - I know what a difficult time this is for the both of you.


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11 years 2 weeks ago #25780 by mznoregrets
Hi Jfitz,

Sorry you folks are dealing with this cancer. Glad you found the forum and are being wise in treatment choices. That said, I would be inclined to go with the most experienced surgeon as well. The skill of the surgeon is a huge factor in survival. I travelled 275 miles each way to Mayo in MN for my RC - well worth the time and hassle. I could have been closer to home with a lesser doc but as mine was PT3b in final pathology - I am glad I had a top notch doc. God Bless, Holly

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11 years 2 weeks ago #25769 by Patricia
jfitz.....UC Davis is a good hospital....Christopher P. Evans is interested in the treatment of genitourinary malignancies, particularly prostate cancer. Key word here...Prostate.
2 hours is nothing. There is no reason you cannot get follow up care at UC Davis and Dr. Evans unless he has a problem with that.
You want someone who is involved with bladder cancer on a regular basis and does around 60 cystectomys a year whether it be DaVinci or open. DaVinci should not be the deciding factor.....the number of cystectomys and neobladder reconstructions should. This is a tough surgery.

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11 years 2 weeks ago #25766 by vgau
Hope someone can give me some advice. My husband has T1G3+ CIS. We live in northern California. He has accepted the fact that he needs to have a neo-bladder performed. He did have a consult with Dr. Konety at UCSF who has great experience with the robotic approach. We live 2 hours away from UCSF and would need to establish with a PCP ect. to get this done there. We are very close to UCDMC and have a very good surgeon Dr. Chris Evans there who is able to perform the surgery but not robotically. This is very close to our home and follow up care would be a breeze. Is the advantage that great having this surgery via DaVinci? I want the very best for him and will overcome the odds to get it done outside our community but I have several advantages having it done at UCDMC. One of the greatest is I am an employee and they do care for their own. Opinions or thoughts? We need to make a decision by Friday so I can change our medical group. Thank you

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