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Anger revisited1

11 years 3 weeks ago #25678 by britt
There in lies the rub. it appears that the Dr i am refered to only does his cysto in surgery. It would have to be decided whetehr or not to go witha a general or to try it under IV sedation. In either case I have had 5 MI's. The end prognosis is level III CHF and acute aschemia. I have sever COPD which is amplified by pulmanary edema. @ weeks ago I awoke completely unable to breath and ended up calling an ambulance to get me to the ER. The attack lasted for over 45 min. I was huffing so hard trying to breathe and also causing extreme stress due to a life threatening panic attack. I was purple by the time I reached OR from lack of Oxygoen.
I was all set up to have the cysto done in the lab at my VA on the 22nd of last mo but they cancelled me on the 20th when the dr quit.
Im really anxious over this upcoming cysto. Im closing in on7 months since the TURB was done without a looksee. They did a urine test that came back negative for signs of returning cancer cells. Also Im having a few anomolies in my urinary functions. These are new and werent noticed until this past month. Its possible thats all in my mind do to beginning to obcsee over this.

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11 years 3 weeks ago #25677 by Patricia
Brett...why do you have to have a stress test for a follow-up cysto which is just a poke and surgery done at that time. I would understand if you were scheduled for another TURB......????

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11 years 3 weeks ago #25676 by britt
I talked to my PC nurse to see if she could get nuke med to prioritze my stress test. now my window is shrinkg by the moment! As of now they cant get me in for a stress test until mid july! This means I am unable to obtain cardio clearance to have my follow-up cysto. The TURB and rescection was done nov 13th so my 90 day was past due in mid Feba nd we are hitting mid Apr no. I cant believe that they cant just squeeze me in.
I dont know if its in my mind but lately Ive been concerned by my bladder not acting normally. I have to urinate very frequency and aaan odd warm feeling along with a weakened stream. I do take diuretics but have been on them for a number if years. I stall havent passed a clot since Nov of 07 and my urine test was negative.
The stress level here is getting me down!.

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