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VA 30/03

10 years 6 months ago #24839 by britt
Before I left the VA today i went to recards and got them to attempt to expidite this. The ladt there promised me it would be sent out today. I laso requested a set for myself. I feel much better about the PA but lost more faith in the dr as well as the advocates.

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10 years 6 months ago #24836 by Patricia
So if i understand correctly Kettering Hospital has your records. Go get them.
they're yours........tell us what the pathologys says.

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10 years 6 months ago #24835 by britt
I began the day by calling the records deprt at kettering hospital. According to them the VA was never sent any records form my procedure which means the advocate lied to me. She also promised to intercede on my behalf and put my cysto on hold while getting me an appt with the dr. It turns out none of that was done1. As we sat in the waiting room the urologist saw an older veteran and came out asking why we needed to see him when the PA had already dealt with us. We went in and talked to the PA again while the dr blatantly ignored us. We never had another word with him. He walked past several times and ignored me completely while popping his gum.
e went over with the PA all the info we had to work with. There was an ultrasound of the bladder that showed an abnormality which was the reason I needed a biopsy!
The good news is He went out of his way to comfort my wife and got her to agree to my going thru with a basic cysto on the 8th. The other good news is that the urine sample came out with flying colors. No cancer cells or micro-hematoma. Nest week Ill be able to know more. Thanks again all

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