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How do you say it?

14 years 3 months ago #207 by altie
I think technically we still have cancer, but at this stage it is not life threatening. And, (with reference to this cancer) I feel pretty good 97 percent of the time. If I have cancer, and they tell me I do, I'm not really aware of it until it's time for my cysto. Of course there are exceptions. I usually know when I have a new tumor by the bladder pressure and by a strange bad odor when I urinate. (The doctors say there is no odor, but there are others who notice an odor also.)


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14 years 3 months ago #206 by mworth
We rejoiced after my tumor was removed and were told it was Ta, Grade 1, over 6 years ago.  Then while still recovering in the hospital I was asked twice if "this was my first time"?  I quickly realized the possibilty of a recur, and it did recur, twice.  Still, I consider myself very very lucky.  
I understand exactly what you mean about "having cancer?" and I can forget about it most of the time.  Maybe technically we have or had cancer - and that I found out when I tried to donate blood and was rejected.  But I don't feel that I have cancer, or that cancer has me!  I feel great, take care of myself more, and appreciate life and loved ones all the more.  Good Luck and Good Life! Maureen

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14 years 3 months ago #205 by Gordon
Interesting question that I'm sure we've all had. After going through the BCG treatment
routine twice and finally having a neobladder "installed", I've learned to use the term
"with". I'm living with cancer both as a thought and as, upon ocasssion, a physical reality.
"Am I cured - do I still have cancer?" I really don't know. But, I do know I live with the
thought of cancer.

In my mind it has almost become a philosophy - a philosophy of life. And, one that I have
to admit has become a gift, i.e. a greater appreciation of life. I've learned to embrace my

My thoughts. Hope it helps. Best of luck to you.


age 70
Dx 10/03
neobladder 9/4/04

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14 years 3 months ago #202 by lhpdogs
If you have had bladder cancer (Ta, Grade I) and they cut it out, do you consider yourself "having cancer", or did you "have cancer"? I was just diagnosed a month ago, and had my first cystoscopy... now I wait six months. How long do you have to go after a recurrence before you say "I HAD cancer"? This is all so new to me.... and when you don't look sick or feel sick, it's very strange to think "I have cancer". I'm paying attention to it, eating healthy, avoiding certain things... I just wonder how many out there think of their cancer in the present, or in the past, till the next "poke and peek"...

TaG1 12/05
3 recurrences
BCG started 9/09

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