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Just got the news

13 years 7 months ago #1785 by bamalow5989
Thank you all so much for your responses! It sounds like there is not too much too be worried about and if there is somthing we will just have to deal with it after the surgery. It's comforting to read all the great recovery stories and how this website has such a great support system. Hopefully there will be no more tumors, it will be stage 0 or 1, and they will be able to get it out and have just the regular 3-6 month exams. Again, thanks.


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13 years 7 months ago #1776 by wendy

There is no way to tell exactly what the tumor type is until after the pathology report comes back, takes a week or so.

My sister was diagnosed in '98 with a 2cm tumor, that is not exactly big in 'bladder-cancer-land', though not really small either. Hers was stage Ta, grade I, she had removal and no further treatments. She did have recurrence of the same tumor type, same thing- removal and no further treatment. She's been clean for about 6 years now.

Above all don't panic. There are many options no matter what the stage and grade.
All the best,

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13 years 7 months ago #1775 by Mike
Don't be too paniced by your Mom's diagnosis.

First of all have a look at URL: which gives a very understandable diagram of BC.

2cm. of tumor is less important than type so to understand more read Wendy's excellent post explaining HOW serious a given cancer is in the top section of this forum under 'Staging'.

Then do realise that many BCs are very slow developing and if it is just the one when they op. she should be perfectly OK - but never ever let her miss a check up or treatment and even if she has to have regular TURs this is an ongoing process of Trans Urethral Reprieve as you are usually pretey unaware of the Resection side of the deal :)

On what you have stated so far I believe that your Mom's prognosis has every reason to be optimistic but wish her luck and tell her it is a damn silly place to grow mushrooms ;) but you get prety used to harvesting if they come back 8-)

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13 years 7 months ago #1772 by bamalow5989
My mother has had frequent blood and bladder pain for the past few months. After weeks of antibiotics and urine tests, her FP sent her to a urologist. After the intravenous urogram and cytoscopy he concluded that she has a a 2 cm melignant tumor in her bladder. She is scheduled to have surgery next Wednesday and he said at that time he would know if there were any other tumors and he would be able to stage the cancer. He did not specify if the cancer was invasive or superficial. My question to anybody out there is, is a 2cm tumor large for the bladder and has anybody had a similar situation? Thank you very much for any help!

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