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1st BCG tomorrow and stressed to the gills

12 years 1 week ago #16761 by tate
Thank you slabman, rosemary, and sara.anne,

Thanks for the support. i know I am over-reacting. i will try to de-stress about it. i will mention the pain again to the dr. before the procedure.

Good to know you could work the day after...I really need to.

Thanks again,

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12 years 1 week ago #16760 by sara.anne
You will do fine. I had my sixth BCG today. When I went for my first one, I was terrified. I had read about some of the side effects (which I now understand are not the usual) and was sure it would be awful. It was not nearly what I expected. The procedure itself isn't bad...just a slight bit uncomfortable as the tube is placed...and I was out of there in half an hour. I have had no problems after...for several hours I have cystitis symptoms and do not get far from the bathroom, but that is it.

Sara Anne

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12 years 1 week ago #16759 by Rosemary

If I were you, I would mention the pain to your Doctor before your treatment. It might be a spasm. Don't know, but, I think he should know about it.

Good luck,

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T1 G3 - Tumor free 2 yrs 3 months
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12 years 1 week ago #16758 by slabman
Tate, we all know how you feel. Been there....done that.......

The BCG procedure really IS simple. I was as worried as you, but within a few seconds, the Doc got that catheter in and the bottle attached, dumping the chemical in. The catheter comes out easily as well. If you are still hurting from the cysto, that prob. is what we all had. I can tell you my plumbing is still a bit problematical and my tumor was removed 3 wks prior to the first BCG.

They have you roll on both sides to get the chemical all over the inner lining and then you start drinking water to re-hydrate. That's all there is to it! Piece of cake, although I have been fighting a nasty bladder infection for 7 days now, likely due to "bugs" introduced during one of the treatments. So watch for that.

Oh, one more thing from experience. I can get a little joint discomfort a few hours after, so take a couple Tylenols before and a couple after the treatment to help put off these aches. I have been working every day after each of my treatments....a glutton for punishment?

T1 G3
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TURB April 2008
Last BCG (#15) April 2009

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12 years 1 week ago #16756 by tate
Ok I know there are alot of Post regarding the BCG side effects and I have tried to read most of them. I am really stressing about this...even more so then all the waiting for surgery, diagnosis, pathology etc...

I have been positive for the most part of this journey but I am getting more and more depressed, scared and anxious about the treatment and side effects. The thing is I still have pain from the surgery 4/17...It feels like a metal rod on the left side of my urether and bladder.Sometimes I still clinch my hands, teeth when I urinate...If I still have these pains and discomforts what will it be like w/BCG...aaggghhhh.

I am sorry to ramble and I have typed several post the past couple of days and deleted them because I don't want to be a whiner especially since I am only a "Ta" and there are so many of you that have harder hurdles to jump. But I am really freaking out...I feel like the dam broke and it is all hitting me NOW.

Thanks for listening.

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