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Interferon and BCG

12 years 2 months ago #14239 by Gracie
Thanks, Brewster for your input. I'm surprised how little the INF is talked about. Didn't realize that it was still in clincal trials. How much we learn here on the boards.


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12 years 3 months ago #14198 by brewster
Hi Gracie...and Connie this is partially in response to your question too. For straight BCG treatments I'm aware, as it sounds you are, that Dr. Lamm's protocol which allows reduced dosage is often the one followed. Another protocol by the Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) just sticks to full strength according to my ex-uro. My concern, as one with CIS and undergoing BCG treatments, is that (and I can't point to any studies but have just picked this up by assmosis - sitting and reading) most of us will eventually get a recurrence or become intolerant of the full strength BCG. So I've asked the question here before about why not go with Dr. O'Donnell's protocol of BCG reduced to 1/3 plus Interferon (IFN) which is said to work synergystically for greater efficacy with lower toxicity. Most people say it's not proven yet since it's still in a phase III trial with 1200 subjects and favorable interim reports. That level of research plus input from successful recipients ( like Crilly who posts on the other board) was good enough for me. I believe one day in a few years we'll wake up and the combo will be the new gold standard...and those of us for whom straight BCG has failed one way or the other will wish we had gone with the combo. That's why after a scare (my cysto just prior to my second BCG maintenance round showed possible recurrence and I had to wait an agonizing three weeks for the OR biopsy and the results to come back)I am switching to the combo BCG + IFN... even though my scare turned out to be unfounded - not switching would have been my one regret had it gone the other way. This is getting too long, but let me end by pointing out the the best discussion about reduced BCG that I've ever come across is in Dr. O'Donnell's protocol in FAQ #8 where he describes the paradox of how less BCG can actually be more effective. For more info on Dr. O's program, start on the homepage of this board and listen to Puff's interview with him and then in the sidebar to the right, click on the physician's protocol. This really gets down to each of us being our own advocate - and thank God for these boards which are so helpful. best, brewster

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12 years 3 months ago #14183 by Gracie
Anyone have any experience with Interferon and BCG treatments? I received the treatments and so far have had favorable results. I need to go back for the maintenance in a week or so. I had minimal BCG dose (1/100) per Dr. Lamm's recommendation based on previous symptoms. Since I had no reaction I'm thinking of increasing to BCG 1/3 which seems to be more in line. My docs seem okay with that. So often I think that its a guessing game. Any thoughts out there??


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