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cancer is back- in lymph nodes

9 years 1 month ago #37526 by dukel
Alanna, I just wanted to wish you and your husband all the best. In your original post you asked if there was any hope. I have had three cancers now and i am still around, so I would say there is always hope. Hope is all any of us have each day. This whole cancer thing is a tough journey, and i believe it is the toughest on the caregiver. I hope you take care of yourself too.
Hope all goes well for both of you.

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9 years 1 month ago #37516 by alanna1
Hi! Happy Easter to everyone! My husband did have a neo bladder put in last August 25, our daughter's birthday! I guesss it is easy to remember. Norm just had his second chemo and is due for his next treatment next Friday. The Dr said his lymph nodes were flattened from his previos chemo treatments. He seems to have alot more energy, but his joints ache from the neupregen shots. He was previosly getting a lovenox shot daily,but now takes a pill instead.

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9 years 1 month ago #37480 by jimswife
Hi, Alanna, I am sorry to read your husband has had spread to his lymph nodes. I am not sure why they didn't do a lymph dissection when they did his RC. I am assuming he had his bladder removed? Is that correct? Sorry that I don't know this. But, when Jim had his RC they did it all at that time. Prior to his RC they thought Jim had no lymph involvement so went ahead and did the surgery and found 3 positive nodes during surgery. He had 20 dissected and 3 positive. Or I say, 15%. With that being said, he started cis/gem chemo in Sept 2010 (his RC was Aug 12, 2010) and had 6 months of chemo. He finished chemo 2/26/11 and his post chemo CT showed no cancer anywhere. Woooo hooo. So, Jim is stage IV BC due to his lymph involvement and he also had BC in his prostate so out it went in August as well. But, he is here and well and looks great. THere is hope even with Stage IV. One of the people who posts here says, "cancer free until proven otherwise" Jim and my credo! Do not ever give up hope and keep on doing the chemo. It is hard but not impossible. Jim is living proof of that. Keep us all posted as to how it's going. We care!

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9 years 1 month ago #37469 by alanna1
Sorry spelling-Hillman Cancer Center!

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9 years 1 month ago #37468 by alanna1
Hi Ginagrothe=I asked the same question to a nurse st Hillman about why did'nt they take the lympth nodes out when they had my husband in for his bladder surgery. She said that they are necessary and perhaps if they did that my husband's leg could possibly swell up like "elephantitis". I know this last time Dr. Appleman said they would do chemo, and radiation and a possibility with surgery if everything turned out all right. I defitely would get a 2nd opinion from another Dr. I had taken my husband to a cancer clinic near my home and I wasn't satisified with some of the anwsers they were giving me. My husband just had his second treatment last Friday and is off this week. When some of my friends heard that we were going to a local clinic I had 3 people tell me to go to Himman Cancer Center, that it was the best. And I'm so glad I listened to them. They have shieks from Saudia Arabia fly in to get treated here. Mario Lamauiex, Pittsburgh hockey star has been treated here ,also. My husband also has the cancer of the bladder wall and lympth nodes and it's stage4. Keep us posted on how your Dad is doing.

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9 years 1 month ago #37462 by ginagrothe
My Father just turned 55. He was never sick prior to this. He started loosing the hair by the second dose of the Taxil. He did 3 sessions - once every three weeks. He didnt loose any hair with the original chemo treatments (Gem and Cisplatin). When the hair ststarted to fall out, it really took a toll on him mentally. Very traumatizing and frustrating for him. Despite all, he did roller skate at my son's birthday 2 weeks ago. I have to take my hat off to him, for putting his feelings aside to be there for my son's birthday and make the most of the day.

What I dont understand is, I hear other people who have bladder and lymph nodes removed and then chemo after. But his Doctor wont operate in the cancer is on the lymph node. He said "why put him through the surgery?"

They havent offered any other treatment plan besides another chemo, that can be damaging to the heart. He has not been responsive to any other chemo, so he probably will be opposed to it.

I dont know why they havent done radiation or any other therapy?? The cancer is not in any other organ or bone, not in prostate either!! Only bladder wall and surrounding lymph nodes. We are going to move forward and seek another opinion.

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