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Update on Betsy Mae

10 years 6 months ago #28719 by Julie
Anne, I see I'm going to have to look up the anatomy of the pelvic area to understand where the acetabula is located.
I think Bahrain sounds like just the place to go in the winter.


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10 years 6 months ago #28704 by Webs
Hey Anne,

Glad to see they have a plan in place. Bahrain sounds like just the thing. Christmas in the desert. I expect to see lots of fun pictures.

Hope to catch up to you soon.

Char :kiss: ((Hugs))

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10 years 6 months ago #28695 by Betsy Mae
Busy week!
Saw the breast team on Monday. Shame I have no faith in them whatsoever but that is a different story!Mammogram was clear but they decided to biopsy the 'lumpy' area in my armpit even though they are all convinced that it is of no concern. Still waiting for results - fingers crossed.
Saw the orthopaedic surgeon today.Interesting visit as he showed me my CT scans, bone scan and X-Ray!
The lesions are not in the ball part of my hip as I thought but in the area above it in my pelvic bones - called the acetabula. This means that although surgery is a possibility it is difficult to do and will not be carried out unless I really really need it. Surgery would involve removing the hip joint and them putting cement into the affected area of pelvis.
We are hoping that the Zometa infusions and radiotherapy will help to strengthen the bones and hopefully reduce the spread.
I still need to see the urology oncologist - should hear about an appointment tomorrow hopefully.
At least we have a plan now so I feel much more positive about things especially now I have it in my mind that this is not necessarily terminal but livable with. Mind you - who knows?
We are looking to book flights to Bahrain for Christmas to stay with some good friends! Think we all deserve a treat!
Betsy Mae

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