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Update on the other Bob

11 years 8 months ago #21582 by harry s
Hi Lorrie - I was so happy to see your post and receive the good news about Bob. I know you have had a rough road. I think Bob and Harry had their RC's close to the same time last year. In fact, today is 1 year from the surgery for Harry. I also seem to read more than I post now...but I was so happy to see your post I had to respond!

Harry too has had some infections and the oncologist seemed more concerned than the local uro and his surgeon. Both the uro's said it was a common thing for neos...not that that is the answer to "why"...but at least knowing it is common helps...

Glad that Bob feels good enough for painting too. I'm sure it is good for him to stay as active as he can. Chemo drags people down so much, I hated to see the effect it had on Harry, but with Bob's tumors shrinking, it is doing him good. I'm sure that was wonderful news to hear. I will continue to keep you and Bob in my prayers...for continued strength and comfort.


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11 years 8 months ago #21573 by Leigh
Dear Lorrie,

I am happy that you have checked in with an update...

That is really wonderful news that the chemo is having a positive influence in reducing the size of the tumors. Even with all the starting and stopping of the treatment which you were so worried about.

The chemo does ravage ones body and I remember that so well too....

During chemo I had loads of infections from the neo and had several bouts of Cipro prescribed to keep those nasty bacteria at Doctor wanted to zap them and my Urologist said it was normal with the trust in them wavered and did not know who was right....The Oncologist said I could continue chemo though and could combine it with any Cipro necessary that my doctor prescribed.

In the beginning of my neo training and during chemo I found it hard to ensure my neo was completely empty and this may have created the infections. Now one year post RC I know the feeling of it being empty....It is like when you pull the plug in a bath of water and put it back in while you still have water in it....that kick back of the suction I have in my bladder when it is empty...

It is great to read that Bob is still being active though and helping you paint...

I wish for you both many good days to come and long may the chemo zap away the cancer....


Leigh, 39
Dx July 2007
TURBT July 2007
RC/Neobladder ,Studer Pouch, September 2007
Erasmus Centrum Rotterdam
TNM Classification: pT4 N2 Mo
4 cycles aduvant chemo Gemzar & Cisplatinum

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11 years 8 months ago #21571 by bobmac2
I haven't posted too much lately- I don't want to jinx anything I guess. Bob continues to get infections- one Dr. says infections with a neo are normal, another wants to treat them & the oncologist wants them treated before she will administer chemo. So who knows who's right?

Anyhow, other than constant infections & now some concern about kidney function (again, a side effect of the chemo), Bob is doing OK for now. Of course I see the decline in stamina,& his appearance (he looks like a cancer patient).He is eating well & at the moment we have the constipation under control (with a lot of help from the prescriptions & my concoctions)

On the UP side, he continues to try & help around the building, in fact he did quite a bit of painting for me this week!!! He finds it hard to get down on the floor to do trim etc. but can handle a roller just fine.He must take frequent rests of course, but it was a big help.

Again, on the UP side, he had a CT scan a couple of weeks ago & they found that the lung tumors have shrunk considerably. This news was quite astonishing considering all the interruptions to the chemo schedule.

Thats about all the news for now- I continue to read all the posts & stick my 2 cents worth in now & again. For now, we will continue to accept the good days. I am thinking of you all & hoping you all get some more 'good days' soon.

Regards to all, Lorrie

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