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New Pain Doc.

11 years 8 months ago #21217 by Stephany
Julie, I do so hope that this procedure works....he deserves to get rid of pain. And so do you:side:

Let me know how the ramp procedes, and when he gets used to the scooter.

Stephany in Iowa

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11 years 8 months ago #21207 by Julie
The procedure went off as scheduled. It will take about 48 hours to take effect. Also we found out that this will be a series of treatments, anywhere from 3 to 6 treatments. I am so glad that this can be done in a location close to home.

Today we will look at some ramps that we might be able to use to get the wheel chair in and out of the house and minivan.

Dick continues to be severely plagued by his bladder. I'm wondering if something else is going on besides the stent in the ureter being an irritant. He was not having this degree of problems a month ago.

Volunteer Coordinator

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11 years 8 months ago - 11 years 8 months ago #21157 by Webs
Hope you don't have to take their heads off, but if you do aim between the vertabrea it's easier and less messy. Seriously I hope everything goes well for the rest of the week. You need a break. Here if you need me.


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11 years 8 months ago #21143 by Julie
Today as we were about to leave for Dick's appointment with the lymphedema specialist we got a call that he wasn't in and would not be in for 2 weeks. I am not a happy caregiver. I was saying what are we supposed to do I have a man in pain here. Wasn't much the office clerk could do but I am sick of cancelled appointments. We manage to make the appointments we have scheduled and plan around them. And the Dr. office just calls and say sorry have to cancel. Dick's lymphedema has gotten so bad his scrotum is swelled to the size of a grapefruit plus he has problems with frequency, urgency and incontinence. He can't aim properly as how do you aim a round ball with a dimple. We tried the Depends that pull up as they are supposed to be more absorbent. That was a disaster as the padding was not in the right place.

He had the blood work today and his hemoglobin is holding steady at 9.5, white count up to 5 but his platelets were down to 72 from 81 last week. He looked so weak the nurse let him stay in the recliner in the blood draw area while she went for lunch. When she came back she checked his lab results and gave him the Procrit shot. Then we came home.

Our son phoned today wanting to know when would be a good time to visit. Who knows I can't predict the future.

The Scooter Store phoned today and they are going to cross out Tricare and initial it just as we suggested yesterday. It was a clerical error as Tricare is the first name that comes up when they key in WPS. Another case of someone not paying attention. They will deliver the power chair tomorrow barring monsoon rains.

I hope nothing interfere with the epidural pain shot Thursday or I'm likely to take someone's head off.

Volunteer Coordinator

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11 years 8 months ago #21084 by Clara

I have to monitor everything for Bob now too. Even typed up an instruction sheet, step by step for this catherization. All of this med. he is on really fogs up his mind.

We have enough on us without aggravations when we need supplies, etc. Just shows that we have to stay behind everything.

Hope Dick gets some relief soon.


Caretaker of husband, Bob.
Stage IV
Diagnosed Jan, 2007

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11 years 8 months ago #21076 by Julie
Dick's pains seemed to be getting worse. Sunday morning he complained of how bad it hurt and didn't want to get out of bed. I discussed with him how to do his morning routine in bed and he decided to get up. An hour later I saw he was putting on the Fentanyl patch and he said "Look at what I was supposed to do Friday. No wonder he was feeling worse he was two days late with his pain relief.
Today I asked if he had updated his PDA to reflect the new schedule and he said he hadn't. He is getting more spacey in general and I have to remember to monitor everything now I guess. Plus I have to do it without seeming to be nagging.

Today the Power Chair arrived and the paper work was wrong. They had the right information on his secondary insurance number but they had written down the wrong name. Our insurance administers a lot of programs and they put down Tricare for Life instead of State of Wisconsin Retirees. The driver who delivered the chair was not willing to cross out TriCare with out someone at headquarters authorizing it and all their cell phones were off. He told us new paperwork had to be generated. I will be on the phone to the Scooter Store tomorrow asking to speak to someone with authority about how upset I am about how our case was handled. I made sure they had the correct information about WPS was just the administrator plus I told them Dick was left handed. So they bungled that and the chair was set up for someone who is right handed. I had given them my cell phone number and instructed them to phone it. All I got was messages on our home phone last week when we got home from the appointments. If they had followed my instructions we would have the power chair and Dick would be using it. They owe us something for this screw up.

I am getting very cranky about people who won't do their job correctly.

Volunteer Coordinator

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