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MVAC v. Alimita and third line treatments

11 years 7 months ago #19397 by danpeters
Will do. The current treatment hasn't laid me low like the gem/cis did. I just hope it works better. Best to you and your husband.

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11 years 7 months ago #19376 by momof4

I am also interested in these treatments...I do not have any advise for you, but it sounds promising, and I am going to look into it for my husband...So, although I have nothing to add to your post...I am greatful you posted it...

Thanks, and I wish you well..Please keep us updated,

Caregiver for my Wonderful Husband Angelo, who has Metastatic Bladder Cancer.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

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11 years 7 months ago #19342 by Gene Beane
Welcome to the forum, sounds like up to now you have been given the standards for chemo treatments. We have many members that are in or were in your situation at one time or another. I am not qualified in this area as my husband had a r/c, all clear for now, surgery was Sept.14th at the Cleveland Clinic..he is 67, and has the external bag. Karen, and Pat will be one of the members more knowledgeable to speak on this subject, they will chime in soon I expect,, best regards, Ginger Beane

Hospital Cleveland Clinic r/c Sept.14,2007
Surgeon. Dr Stephen Campbell and Gill
Gene Beane..66 Ford Motor Company
Engineer, retired Vietnam Vet

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11 years 7 months ago #19341 by danpeters
I’d like to hear your thoughts and experience with third line treatments. But first a little background. January 2007 radical cystoprostatectomy and creation of neobladder. Tumor was into but not through the muscle wall. Three nodes were malignant. Between March 2007 and June 2007 completed Gemcitabine/Cisplatin treatment. Scans were clear until April 2008 when a new node in the left iliac chain was identified. Node was inaccessible to biopsy. Subsequently entered a clinical trial combining dosetaxel plus Zactima (an oral VEGF inhibitor) or placebo. In June 2008, after two cycles scans showed node was increasing in size. Unblinded in study and found to be on dosetaxel plus placebo. Then placed on Zactima and dosetaxel. Next month I have more scans.

Expecting the best but preparing for something less than that I’ll have choices to make. One of the probable choices will be between MVAC and Alimita. Which brings me back to my question – love to hear anyone’s experience with these treatments, especially as the third go round with chemo.

The link to the trial I’m in is

Its called Phase II Randomized Study of Docetaxel With Versus Without Vandetanib in Patients With Previously Treated Stage IV Transitional Cell Carcinoma


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