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feeling sad today

11 years 8 months ago #17916 by Gene Beane
Maybe daddy is depressed and needs some intervention about it, if he is prone then your moms situation may be adding to it..I feel your sadness as you have alot of reasons to feel that way right now, but theres mom diligently keeping the pace and loving life. She is BLESSED for sure. What does your dad do about his depression, make him do the things he can, that will help, and visit as much as possible, little ones seem to help the mind ..I know about parkinsons, have a family member with it but he is 70 and a positive person,,if he is not feeling well, your dad, and the combination of moms situation, WHAT A LOAD FOR HIM,,I know your troubled, wish I could lighten your load!!! I will pray,,for you and the family, Ginger

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11 years 8 months ago #17901 by floshoe
Its hard. I think when you feel that much love for them when they are ill, it is such a large and wonderful and yet large and terrible feeling (does this make sense?). So much love and appreciation, with, on the flip side, so much sadness at the thought of coming to the end.

It is nice to know people still mend things. I was thinking before about how my mom used to darn socks and I could do it too when I was little. Do they even sell darning eggs anymore?

I hope your sadness is the bearable kind, and I'll be thinking about you and your family. Floshoe

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11 years 8 months ago #17838 by Leigh
Dear Julie,

It is very heartwarming to read your posts and I feel the love you have for your family in the words you write.

I am sorry to hear your Dad is not doing so well at the moment...

You have only the best wishes at heart for your parents so any thoughts you have of their future paths could not be wrong.

I am happy you can come to this forum and express your thoughts the way in which you do and share your experiences with us, this I hope will lighten your load in doing so.

Julie I wish your Mum and Dad many a year of tomato planting and cherry picking and health and happiness to you all....


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11 years 8 months ago #17825 by julieann
I was able to spend some time with Mama today and while we had a nice visit and she seems to be doing well, I am feeling sad for various reasons. In fact, I am worried about my Daddy. As you know, he has Parkinson's disease which has been progressing aggressively lately. I don't know if it has any medical merit, but I think it has some to do with him worrying about Mama. He seems to be getting worse very quickly. He has said that when he can't do anything he doesn't want to be here anymore. I guess we might all feel that way. It just bothers me because his family has a history of depression and his brother committed suicide. Daddy will not be able to cope if he becomes immobile. Take my word for that. Mama continues to just remind me that every day is a blessing and I know she is right. I look at Daddy and think "God if he were to fall or become worse, just take him ." Is that wrong of me? Mama was patching overalls today that have already been patched and repatched. She was working on them so diligently as she does everything. I love them. I guess that is the bottom line, I just love them.

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