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Archbishop of The Catholic Church in Chicago

13 years 9 months ago #1047 by rentanag
Just a note to any who still wish to send a message to the Cardinal, the site at Loyola UMC does still have updates on the Cardinals condition but no longer has a link for sending messages.  However it is possible to still send a message from the Arch-diocese WebSite.
I do hope some of you will send him words of encouragement during this time he's recovering in the hospital.

Thanks so much,


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13 years 10 months ago #1011 by rentanag
To those who read my previous message,

You can also post a message here to the Cardinal, although I don't know for sure if he will visit this site, I just sent him my own good wishes and told him briefly about the BCWC and the STORYBOARD.  I'm hoping he might come visit the site and that's when he could read what we write here to him (if you actually post your message here).  I hope you do, but also those who send him messages through the links I listed above are important because he gets those now, while he's still in the hospital.  As many of us know from our own experiences, messages of good will and friendship mean a great deal when you're tied to all those tubes coming and going from your body.  I think they remind us (the messages or cards is some cases) that we're still here and important in this world, the world of our friends and families.
Thanks for reading my post about the Cardinal.

Lou Graham

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13 years 10 months ago #998 by rentanag
To all on the WebCafe,

I learned just this evening from a friend (a fellow BC survivor), that the Archbishop of The Catholic Church in Chicago has had a radical cystectomy within the last few days for bladder cancer.  I thought it might be nice if those of us here at the WebCafe were to send words of encouragement to Cardinal Francis George, because many of us know exactly what he's going through with his RC and all of us know about having bladder cancer.
If you would be interested in sending him a message you can do so at one of the following web sites...

This is the site for Loyola University Health System, where the Cardinal is a patient.  You can go to that page and enter a link that appears there, and at the bottom of the update on his condition there is a link where you can send a message to him.

This site is very easy to figure out, and this site has a link as well where you can enter and then send a message to him.  I do hope some of you will take the time to send him a greeting, and give him support as those of us on this web site give to each other over and over.
I think no matter what our faith, we can take the time to send this fellow bladder cancer survivor a message and tell him that we have him in our prayers.

God Bless us all,


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