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day 5 french toast, orange juice Gene Beane

12 years 5 months ago #8186 by momof4

You are a woman among women! You go girl! Give Gene our best! He sounds like a real trooper! Stay Strong! You guys just climbed Mt. Everest. Take it nice and slow on the way down!

Love, Karen

Caregiver for my Wonderful Husband Angelo, who has Metastatic Bladder Cancer.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

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12 years 5 months ago #8184 by harry s
Hello Ginger - I just wanted to thank you for your recent posts. My husband, Harry is scheduled for surgery on 10/1/07 at Stanford Medical Center in CA. Your posts have been very informative and although we know we have a tough road ahead, we know that the Lord is with us and that other people, such as yourselves, have been through it, which helps us over the rough spots. We too have wonderful support from many friends and relatives who offer prayers for us daily. By the way, an interesting note, Harry's doctor at Standford is also a "Dr. Gill"! Again, thanks for your posts and you and Gene will be in our prayers as well.

Margot and Harry S.

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12 years 5 months ago #8181 by dar
Thank you so much for all your posts about Gene's recovery. They have been very helpful for me to anticipate how my Ron is going to do after surgery on Monday 9/24/07. Another friend had his postrate removed a few weeks ago and had the same problem with hiccups and nausea. Sounds very painful. Glad Gene is doing so well. I can only hope Ron does as well.

Husband's RC 9/24/07
Ron is 66 yrs old and retired
DX 6/13/07, T1 G3 Cancer
Hospital: MD Anderson Caner Center
Surgeon: Dr Colin Dinney

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12 years 5 months ago #8171 by cathy
ginger, I am glad that gene maybe home soon & that he is doing so much better, all the best.

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12 years 5 months ago #8162 by Patricia
Well one of the reasons for that extra $250 is you don't have to be the nurse, the nurses aide or the house cleaner and there is an extra chair bed that folds out and everyone is at your beck and have a private nurse, nurses aide, and they come running as they are not understaffed. There is no reason on earth why you should have to make sure his cuffs are on or that bags are changed......believe me when you get your $250,000 bill you'll want to charge some of that back.

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12 years 5 months ago #8156 by Gene Beane
Another good day, Gene is on regular food, lunch was chicken, apple sauce, green beans, how appropriate. He has needed some pain meds, by mouth now. I found something useful. After this surgery your penis drips for days when you stand up. Its not a problem, it just happens. Finally a nurses aid brought in some mesh undies with some gauze pads. This took care of the problem for walking etc. Be ready to ask for those when he gets up to walk. They have been real nice in giving me a few to take home. Home by the way may be tomorrow. Thursday. If not Friday as long as he continues on this road he is on now. He is upbeat, but tired. I can see the issue is getting your strength back. We will work on that big time but not to fast either.
I have to say that if as a wife you can stay it is a very helpful thing. There are alot of things you can do to certainly help that the aids don't need to come for. Be ready to ask for bedding changes, gown changes, make sure the legs pumps are on and going,( FOR BLOOD CLOTS), make sure drains are working properly, bags are emptied, and most of all you won't miss the Doctors visit. So if you can take off work, do it, as he will appreciate it so much. I get to do the bag change today.
Men don't seem to ask for help until its long over due, at least my husband, so I have been the watchful eye. If you can swing a private room it is the best. I can't imagine having been in a 2 bed room. We lucked out. I had requested the hoopty pooty section, 250.00 more a night. As it was there weren't any beds there after recovery. So they gave us a bed on floor H where he was going anyway for no more money and its a private room, has the set up for another bed but they don't use it. Ask about it,its so much nicer. For those not familiar with the Cleveland Clinic we have alot of foreign people come here from India, Kuait, Iran, etc. they had something to do with these being built. Its connected to Genes floor but just down the hall. I went through, its like a room at the Ritz with a hospital bed, thats why I called it hoopty poopty. The nurses station looks like a check in counter at the Ritz, Solid Cherry. I was impressed, I didn't know when requesting it was so fancy. Our room will defineately do, no crown molding, no more money.
Point is private is NICE!!!!until tomorrow,, Ginger

Hospital Cleveland Clinic r/c Sept.14,2007
Surgeon. Dr Stephen Campbell and Gill
Gene Beane..66 Ford Motor Company
Engineer, retired Vietnam Vet

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